We did it! Thanks to everyone, contest sponsors, and competitors--for making this SEO contest a success, a learning experience and loads of fun.

Cheeni Climate

Webmasters around the world have been competing in another SEO (search engine optimization) contest:Cheeni climate. What is the meaning of this mysterious and popular keyword phrase and what are the rules of this SEO contest? Internet users may have noticed the large number of contest sites that contain the phrase suddenly appear online. The Cheeni Climate Srishti 08 kicked off in early feb. The contest is unique in that web site owners have a chance to get fame . This SEO contest just might prove to be a good catalyst for providing exposure for creating climate that help make the world a better intellectual place.

The Cheeni Climate SEO contest by IITR is approaching the final stages (March is the final month of competition). . The forums have been relatively quiet during the competition. However, the number of Google search results have been rising, indicative of the increased contest activity. Contact me :-vamsi_saraswat@yahoo.com