Social Welfare

     Economic Welfare of the people of a country depends on their income with which they purchase Private goods to consume, the provision of Public Goods and Services (which only governments can provide) and the Welfare Transfers they receive (net of taxes).  Economic growth is critical to all three. Economic growth directly increases peoples income in a competitive market economy. It also increases the revenue receipts of the government, which allows it to provide more and/or better quality of Public Goods and Services (roads, sewage-water-sanitation, vegetation & parks, public & basic health, public & basic education, personal safety & security, effective legal & judicial service). The essence of Public Goods and Services is that they have to be funded collectively and provided to everyone.  Government therefore has to ensure that these are available to all citizens.  Social policy and programs are also matters of public policy that must be collectively decided. Government can and must play a role in public education to eliminate discriminatory & harmful social practices like sex selection and to promote positive ones like cleanliness and balanced nutrition.
   The five point program proposed below gives five basic public goods & services that the Central and State governments must ensure are available to every citizen/resident of India.  They must also be of a quality commensurate with our per capita GDP levels and aspirations a lower middle income country.

  India was one of the first countries in the World to start a "Poverty Alleviation" program in the 1960s. Yet our record of "alleviating poverty" is  routinely criticized by all those concerned about poverty. Despite decades of experience of failed programs, we are unable to learn from experience and continue to waste increasing amounts of money on the same or similar unsuccessful programs. "Poverty Elimination" shows how with the amount of money already spent on Central Government poverty alleviation programs, poverty could not just be "alleviated" but "eliminated".

    India's children (under 5 yrs of age) have one the highest levels of Wasting and Stunting (termed child "Malnutrition") in the World. A scientific analysis of this issue tells what is the right (and wrong) solution of this problem.
  The rape of minors, rape by blood relatives and violent rape have horrified the nation.  We need to do more to provide swift and effective punishment to rapist.  But laws and actions specific to rape can only be sustain if there is an overall improvement in police, prosecution and conviction.  Social change through public education is also essential.