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Aims and Objects

The ‘Aims and Objects’ of CHINTAN® (a think tank)[1] as listed under its Memorandum of Association, are to

a)      Develop a Vision for the Nation; A vision based on a Rational, Self- Reliant, Humane, Just and Free society.  A vision grounded in personal integrity, family values, civic responsibility and sense of community. A vision of the nation taking its rightful place in and playing its due role in the family of nations.

b)      Promote and propagate personal integrity and honesty, civic responsibility and sense of community among the people.  Channel the natural religiosity of the people into moral behaviour.

c)      Promote and Propagate a Rational, Humane, Just and Free society, characterised by Rule of Law, non-discrimination, equality of opportunity, freedom from oppression and freedom from hunger & extreme poverty.

d)     Define and promote the International interests of the nation. Promote international democracy and oppose technological apartheid.

e)      Develop a framework of Policies, covering all relevant aspects [for example Constitutional, Institutional, Social, Economic, Legal, Public Safety, National Security, External Affairs], which will translate the Vision into reality.

f)       Propagate the Vision, the values and the policy framework, through all possible means [including modern media, seminars, lectures, training, case studies, study tours, scholarships, prizes, awards].  Support appropriate actions designed to bring about the required change in policies and move the Nation in the envisioned direction.

g)      Develop and forge a consensus among the Intelligentsia centred on this vision and the associated values, and the policies designed to achieve them.

h)       Promote, propagate and support universal Literacy, Education [especially primary, secondary & girls’ education] and analytical thinking. Support the teaching of ethics, civics & social responsibility.

i)        Promote and propagate, the employment of poor, unemployed, able bodied, unskilled citizens, and the alleviation of poverty of the old, infirm, disabled, chronically ill, the sick and unable to work.

j)        Promote and propagate Public Health & Hygiene, particularly epidemic control, clean drinking water supply, drainage & sewage systems, waste collection, recycling & disposal and public conveniences.

k)      Promote and propagate Population control and Environmental Sustainability [including protection and improvement of forest cover, water sources and air].

l)        Generate knowledge through analysis, empirical investigation, and research. Establish a separate or subsidiary, research organisation or foundation, for the furtherance of this purpose.  Promote Scientific Research, Innovation and Invention, and Development of (and self- reliance in) Strategic technologies.

m)    Support the dissemination of knowledge, for instance by setting up or promoting a National digital library [and associated connectivity].

n)       Use generated and accumulated knowledge to develop and refine the Nation's vision and the policies designed to achieve this vision.

o)      Prepare and promote the publication of papers, periodicals, journals, newsletters, reports, articles, books, CD ROMs or Internet sites.

p)      Undertake all acts, deeds and things, connected with, incidental to and germane to, the aforesaid objectives.

[1] Chintan® was registered under the Societies Act with the Registrar of Societies Delhi, in 1997.