About US

We ( CHINTAN® ) are a non-government (NGO), non-profit organization (NPO), registered under the societies Act.  Our basic objective is, to "Empower people through the provision of Knowledge" (details are shown under "Aims and Objects").  This objective underlies each and every one of our recommendations for policy, regulatory and institutional reform.

Our new "Chintan Live" initiative focuses on the new middle class of aspiring youth in self employment, professions, business, farming, media, civil society, politics and government. This is because the youth will be the harbingers of change in old entrenched policies and institutions that have developed too many vested interests to change without an external push.  These aspiring youth whose parents or grandparents were part of the poor masses and thus have the intuitive feeling for the poor, but are now part of the middle class and thus have the income and leisure to study and reflect on the issues confronting the Nation.  They can also provide the energy and the enthusiasm to drive change.  The "Chintan Live" initiative is designed to facilitate their participation in policy formulation by providing them a distillation of the most scientifically sound analysis and thinking on policy issues.

Warning: "Chintan Environment Research and Action Group" (at www.Chintan-India.org) is not a part of our society. Our society "Chintan" was registered under the Societies Act with the Registrar of Societies in 1997.