Cute things to look upon

                                                                                                                                                Dormouse: These are the shy, nocturnal animals found in Europe,Africa and Asia. These look like rats and have got teeths same as rats. These are very active in warmer seasons and in winter season they are inactive. They curl themselves when they sleep and using their bushy tails to curl themselves. These animals life span is of 4- years.Some use them as pets. Main food of these dornouses are fruits, berries, flowers and insects. These are one of the endangered species. 

 One of the main foods of dormouses are the hazelnuts. They live in small and bushy shrubs. They hibernate in the ground rolling themselves into small balls within nest of leaves and grasses. In winter season they lower their heart beat and body temperature in order to hibernate. This lowering of body temperature is one of the reason for their long life. They breed once or twice in year producing 3-4 young ones. These belong to Order Rodentia of Animalia kingdom.