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I'm currently a physics graduate student doing theoretical biophysics and/or statistical physics with Prof. Pankaj Mehta at Boston University. For better or worse, I resumed blogging recently. Here you can find my prattles about many things. Here you can find my CV. Here is my GitHub repository. 

When not doing science, I like to read, jog, hike and travel. Here are a few gems. 

NYC, NY, March 2018


Gorge Metro Park, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, Fall 2016                           Syracuse, NY, Winter 2017


Cincinnati, OH, Summer 2017                                                            Corsica, France, Summer 2017 

Go bucks!! OSU, Columbus, OH, Jan. 2018                    Median, OH,  Jan. 2018

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Recent Publications 

u  A high-bias, low variance introduction to machine learning for physicists 

     P. Mehta, M. Bukov, CHW, A.G.R. Day, C. Richardson,  D. K. Fisher, and D. J. Schwab (arxiv:1803.08823)

u  Engineering cellular computations through biophysical design

    CHW, Caleb J. Bashor, and Pankaj Mehta (in preparation) 

u  A thermodynamic paradigm for solution demixing inspired by nuclear transport in living cells

    CHW, Pankaj Mehta, and Michael Elbaum,  Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 158101 (2017)

u  Velocity locking and pulsed invasions of fragmented habitats with seasonal growth

    CHW and Kirill S. Korolev (under review)

u  Ginzburg-Landau theory of the bcc-liquid interface kinetics coefficient

    Kuo-An Wu, CHW, Jeffery J. Hoyt, and Alain Karma, Phys. Rev. B 91, 014107 (2015)

u  Particle-wave duality in quantum tunneling of a bright soliton

    CHW, Tzay-Ming Hong, Ray-Kuang Lee, and Daw-Wei Wang, Opt. Express 20, 22675 (2012)

Office Address:

Department of Physics,
Boston University
590 Commonwealth Avenue,
Boston, MA 02215

My office is at Rm 314 (within the "Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics" group ) in SCI (590 Comm. Ave.). Our lab is also part of BU's Biological Design Center (BDC), which is located on the 4th floor of Kilachand Center for Integrated Life Science and Engineering (CILSE) down at 610 Comm. Ave. If you can't find me in my office, I'm most likely in BDC (CILSE Rm 423) hiding. 
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