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A non-profit organization founded in 1961, the Chinese Music Ensemble is the oldest, largest and only full scale Chinese orchestra in the United States and the Americas. Its present membership of over forty musicians play  practically every type of  Chinese  music  and  instruments. Its repertory
ranges from  ancient classical to modern  compositions spanning  some fifteen hundred years  of history. With the goal of promoting Chinese music, the Ensemble has performed in concerts at major concert halls in New York, and in schools, colleges, libraries and museums throughout the Eastern seaboard. 

 紐約中國民族樂團創立於一九六一年, 由故團長張銓念先生苦心的領導下, 從四人團發展到現在已有團員五十多名, 不但是全美歷史最久, 且是最具規模的一個中國民族音樂團體, 也是唯一每年定期有兩場以上大型全樂隊演出的民樂團體 .  該團抱著發揚中國文化的宗旨,每年民樂團活動除定期的春秋兩季在紐約市大型演奏會外 , 常被邀請到博物館, 圖書館, 學校及文化藝術表演中心等機構演出.  演出地點除紐約州,新澤西州, 賓州及新英格蘭諸州外, 有遠達印第安那州, 維吉尼亞州及喬治亞州.  除演出外, 民樂團並設有樂器訓練班, 每年暑假舉辦樂器啟蒙級, 免費提供兒童學習, 目的要激起下一代對中國民樂的興趣趣..