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Now, for a change, some other subject. We have been blogging for a while about LAOS COFFEE. Laos coffee has a unique flavor due to the special volcanic fertile soil that is found in Laos southern province.

We  have tried various types of coffee, but Arabica Laos seems to be our favorite

Some more about Laos coffee can be read here - Laos coffee - Kopie Luwak

Those who are Chinese food aficionados, and those who lived in the East for a prolonged period agree : Chinese food is amazing. Each town, city,  village has its own specialty.
Truly a challenge when it comes to tasting different dishes - especially in China. From my own perspective - and that of experts - Sampling of Chinese food is a life long experience. One will never complete the journey it seems. Thousands of dishes, from all regions, exotic styled, succulent flavored food will be available.

As a result of my interest -and taste buds - I began to enjoy sampling of Chinese food many years ago. Let me show you some of the most popular dishes I have come across - by no means are these an indication of my personal taste.

Chinese dishes on photoshelter : Delicious Dishes1

Chinese sweet and sour fish

braised bambooshoots

Traveling to to the east frequently I found it was not easy to explain a particular dish I wanted. It always took minutes to explain, even though I speak Chinese. I knew the dish - but did not know the right term. We were always short of words and explanations. 
It goes without saying that a nice meal should be ended with a good cup of tea or coffee for that matter. Whilst in the past, many Chinese restaurants served Jasmin tea routinely, the also now offer a variety of other teas, such as Pu Er Tea which is only superseded by the exotic types of Kopie Luwak to give one example.

On the whole - tea is a science and those who understand its significance will readily agree with me.

Recently we spoke about tea which have a price tag of 5000 U.S.$ a pound.

paidu tea


Jiaogulan tea

This is not uncommon really, in Taiwan 's ( Ali shan region ) tea normally costs just as much.    

Equally interesting I found this
coffee page - you may find it awkward, but if people pay as much as 100 U.S.$ for a cup of coffee - then - something must be awkward about it.

I will only say this much : It isn't for everyone. Check it for yourself :


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It generally proved futile and we ended up ordering something we didn't know or didn't want to eat. Explain that to a waiter in Chinese, the dish you ordered wasn't the one we wanted.

Finally when in Shanghai - one day I came across a Pinyin menu (Chinese translation of Putonghua into English) which was hardly readable. In painstaking work I gathered all the dishes, with the help of my friend Ping ping. She assisted me and without her I would not have been able to complete the script.

It was frustrating. In the midst of all this, we saw people enjoying delicious  Chinese food, whilst we never got what we wanted.

I decided to change all this, as I had suffered enough of deprivation. Years ago I started to collect names of dishes, learned how to pronounce them in Chinese, wrote the Pinyin and Chinese characters. 

Again it was as tedious as can be. Each region has its own specific dishes and delicacies. Out of the thousands of dishes in Chinese cuisines, some are known all over the country. of I chose to select to compile.

We made every effort to list the most popular dishes in English, Pinyin, and Chinese language in Chinese characters.
If all attempt fail ( they would not ) one can still safely show the Maitre de the original Chinese characters for the respective dish one would ask for.

All in all - a great way to familiarize oneself with Chinese dish recipes and their names.