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It has been established that trade and cultural exchanges between China and the outside world took place as early as the time of the Roman Empire and for centuries many aspects of Chinese civilization were admired in the West and influenced its cultural development; yet Chinese culinary art, one of China's greatest heritages, was comparatively unknown in the West until recent times.


If you have always wanted to try cooking Chinese food but have been put off by the daunting thought of exotic ingredients and complicated techniques, my advice is to forget those unfounded fears. As you will soon discover, basic Chinese cooking is really quite simple. In this book there is a variety of recipes mostly from my own home cooking representing a wide range of China's various regional styles. I have also included a number of dishes that could be termed specialties but nothing very elaborate or time-consuming. 



Due to the multi-course nature of a Chinese meal, menu-making requires much more thought and consideration than the planning of a Western menu. The recipes in this book are arranged so as to simplify the process.

Since not all Chinese ingredients are obtainable in this country, adequate substitutes are suggested, where they do not spoil the genuine Chinese flavour. What you must remember is that a Chinese cook abroad can always produce a Chinese meal, even using only local ingredients. For the 'Chineseness' of the foods depends entirely on how it is prepared and cmokef, not what ingredients are used.