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Stone Construction Equipment

stone construction equipment
    construction equipment
  • Construction Equipment is a trade publication and web site serving the information needs of construction contractors, materials producers, and other owners and operators of construction equipment.
  • The hard, solid, nonmetallic mineral matter of which rock is made, esp. as a building material
  • A small piece of rock found on the ground
  • of any of various dull tannish or grey colors
  • rock: a lump or mass of hard consolidated mineral matter; "he threw a rock at me"
  • (in metaphorical use) Weight or lack of feeling, expression, or movement
  • kill by throwing stones at; "People wanted to stone the woman who had a child out of wedlock"
stone construction equipment - Norton IM100
Norton IM100 6-inch Three Stone Sharpening System: 6 x 2 x .5-inch Fine India, Medium Crystolon, and Coarse Crystolon stones
Norton IM100 6-inch Three Stone Sharpening System: 6 x 2 x .5-inch  Fine India, Medium Crystolon, and Coarse Crystolon stones
61463685356 Model Code: AA - Price is for 1 Set (part# 61463685356) This item features: -Designed for general sharpening, is a mini version of the Multi-Oilstone containing coarse Crystolon, medium Crystolon, and fine India stones. -Designed to produce the finest edges possible, contains fine India, Soft Arkansas, and Hard Arkansas stones. -Width: 2 in. -Height: 1/2 in. -Length: 6 in. -Applicable Materials: Most Metals, Hard Steel. -Includes: Instructions, 4 oz. Oil. -Quantity: 5 per pack. Model Code Model Description AARoughness Grade:Coarse, Medium, Fine, Abrasive Material:Silicon Carbide/Regular Alumina, Abrasive Trade Name:Crystolon/India ABRoughness Grade:Fine, Extra Fine, Ultra Fine

77% (10)
Activity in the pit
Activity in the pit
A long abandoned pit is awake with activity again. If they actually finish building this thing I might a know a place to get cheap apartments somewhere in the future.
Equipment in action
Equipment in action
I don't think I've ever seen so many cranes in one place before.

stone construction equipment
stone construction equipment
Limestone Lives: Voices from the Indiana Stone Belt (Quarry Books)
Look up at the Empire State Building in New York City and you will see an almost endless ribbon of soaring stone -- Indiana limestone, to be precise. The Empire State Building, Pentagon, Chicago Tribune Building, and many university structures, state capitols, post offices, and churches in every state (and buildings in other countries) are constructed of this exceptional material, renowned for its durability, consistency, and capacity to accept and retain fine detail. When part of the Pentagon was destroyed after 9/11, an Indiana quarry went to work, mining 46 truckloads of limestone to be sent to the Washington site and enabling reconstruction to be completed ahead of schedule.
Limestone Lives pays tribute to the skill and dedication of the men and women who work with stone. It combines 79 striking fine art photographic images with engaging oral histories, representing a range of voices of the workers themselves. We hear from sculptors, drill runners, stone polishers, planermen, forklift operators, a union leader, and the president of a stone company. The book also features brief descriptions of the region's stone companies, a map locating Indiana quarries and stone mills, and a look at how the industry has changed over the years.
Limestone Lives is a testament to men and women who take enormous pride in the quality of their work, as well as to the role this unique industry plays in creating buildings that last.

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