High fashion fabric houston - Pakistani clothes fashion 2011.

High Fashion Fabric Houston

high fashion fabric houston
    fashion fabric
  • is specifically a home sewing term. It’s used to only describe the fabric used for the outer portion of your garment, so you wouldn’t call lining fashion fabric.
  • The choice of the outer face, care must be taken in choosing a strong, breathable non stretch material that will also stand up to hard wear. Silks including dupioni, duchess satins, brocades, denims are just a few examples of suitable materials.
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Zippers for Projects
Zippers for Projects
I am in love with High Fashion Fabrics, which seems to be the ultimate for sewists in the Houston area and beyond. I notice they carry the YKK brand of zippers and they run a little bit less than the Coats brand. These 14" invisible zips are only $2 apiece! I had another one in cream that went in my new dress very nicely. yesterday
50 percent off fabric!
50 percent off fabric!
(For my own reference) from left to right: 1. cotton and possibly linen, 1 1/3 yard 2. cotton silk, 4 yards 3. cotton lawn, 5 yards 4. cotton lawn, 5 yards 5. cotton shirting, 2 5/8 yards

high fashion fabric houston
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