French Fashion Sketches

french fashion sketches
    french fashion
  • Fashion has been an important industry and cultural export of France since the seventeenth century, and modern "haute couture" originated in Paris in the 1860s.
  • Give a brief account or general outline of
  • make a sketch of; "sketch the building"
  • Perform (a gesture) with one's hands or body
  • Make a rough drawing of
  • (sketch) a brief literary description
  • (sketch) preliminary drawing for later elaboration; "he made several studies before starting to paint"
french fashion sketches - Monster High
Monster High Compact Monster Fashion Sketch Portfolio
Monster High Compact Monster Fashion Sketch Portfolio
Monster High Monster Fashion Compact Sketch Portfolio. t's easy to design a scary-cool wardrobe with the Monster HighTM Compact Monster Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio! Use the removable plastic stencils to trace creep-arific clothing and accessories for the Monster HighTM characters. The instructions provide tips and inspiration on how to color, shade, and add details to make each outfit worthy of the halls of Monster HighTM. Finish off and embellish the designs with the foil stickers included in the spiral bound portfolio book.

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Imagine the scene: it’s the year 2222, centuries into the future. Vogue doesn’t exist, neither does Armani, London is war-torn as an army of fashion creatives move forward to make a new mark on the world. “The Next Generation” if you will, the breed of unknown talent set for the future, the ones to watch for in years to come. Such was the concept behind London ’s Calling, a project set up by professional networking site’s founder Raoul Keil in collaboration with creative agency Factory 311’s Nicholas Hardy. Designed to bring together some of the hottest young talent around, the result was a team made up of ever-growing membership base not only from London, but across the globe; among them a French photographer, a German model, an Israeli designer, and of course a South African-based magazine. Evidence, if ever it was needed, of the internet’s reach. In total some 40 people were involved one way or another in the making of this single dynamic image. “The aim was to have an all-encompassing troop, we considered everybody necessary to make this work, from the hairstylist through to the journalist,” says Keil. The shoot itself took place at Spring Studios in London , with photographer Fabrice Lachant, stylist Semra Haksever and make-up artist Steven Canavan at the creative helm. From models poised to look as if they were moving, to the masterpiece sketches inspired by old war images and “a kind of fantasy land”, it was the innovative genius of 311's creative director Pierre Doucin and the beauty of computer generation that brought the whole thing together. Say hello to’s fashion soldiers of the future; it’s a revolution in the making.
mais l'arte est difficile
mais l'arte est difficile
pencil sketch from fashion bogger krystal simpson with pastel coplour layered over the top on photoshop

french fashion sketches
french fashion sketches
Art Deco Fashion
The most glamorous time for fashion in the 20th century--the Jazz Age--shimmers with trademark exuberance in this first-ever compendium of the style of the Art Deco era. From flapper dresses to feathers, fashion exploded during the Roaring '20s, when clothes became a symbol of a more liberated lifestyle and epitomized the glamour and youthful excitement of the Jazz Age. Hemlines and waistlines slowly crept toward each other as the motto for style--and life--became "Anything Goes!" In Art Deco Fashion the world of Hollywood and F. Scott Fitzgerald comes to life in images of beaded evening dresses for dancing the Charleston; sporty outfits for golf, tennis, and swimming; and clothes designed for traveling in luxury liners, trains, or in streamlined cars. Accented with posters, photographs, and images from fashion magazines of the era, this sumptuous volume presents a thorough and stunning review of Deco fashion.

Suzanne Lussier, an expert on French '20s and '30s fashion, is a curator in the Department of Textiles and Dress at the Victoria and Albert Museum. She lives in London.

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