Art for You!

This original image taken by Tom Lacey near his house in St. Petersburg. (copyright Tom Lacey 2008)
Can be made into large acrylic painting (impressionist style) for you for donation of $500. Make Tom Paint for You!
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Below are sketches Tom did at Chinese School where he teaches the children art from 3:30 to 4:30 pm on Sunday Afternoons.

Select any drawing you would like for a donation of $30.

One of three studies Tom made of a French house. It is Acrylic on paper. "La Maison." Note Tom's poor command
 of French in the painting. (created 6-29-08)

The House at night. (created 6-29-08)

The first sketch of la maison. (created 6-29-08)

The Eiffel Tower painted in Chinese Style...How bad is Tom's French? (created 6-29-08)

Below are Student Art works. You can receive a stundent art work if you like  for donation of $15 or more.

This is purely original by the student. Note the Chinese character, Da, which means large. (created 6-29-08)

In this one by Skyler , we used the unpopped kernals to form the sunflower face. (created 6-22-08)

Tom teaches a free impressionist style that is an eclectic combination of Van Gogh, Gauguin,
Matisse, and traditional Chinese Brush painting styles. The impressionists themselves were
heavily influenced by the abstraction of Chinese and Japanese art. There is a combination of color and line,
light and dark, bright vibrant colors (which is why we use acrylic), and free flowing rapid strokes, and a balance of
paint and open space. In acrylic painting, Tom prefers the pallet knife and the Chinese round brush and uses unsanded
 grout as a texture medium to enhance colors and provide a natural white base.

Large landscape painting (10' x 4') by Tom Lacey (1999) on display in the Church Hall. The back doubles for a projection screen. Notice the Gauguin style trees that have their own lively interaction. (not for sale-used for play and photo background)

Vase after Gauguin, Acrylic on Canvas,  by Tom Lacey (2000) $500 donation.
(Including black wood frame by the artist) Combines the pure color regions and
positive and negative space with crystalline like formations among background
elements that echo vase and flowers. The diagonal black space counters the
vertical thrust of the crystal vase and is supported by the white areas immediately
 below. The black area of the vase foot balances the black background at the top
as well as provides some movement towards the rear blue area.
On display at Lacey Gallery, 9020 Seminole Blvd., Seminole, FL 33772