Accurate, secure, quick, customized translation to meet your needs.

The translators of Chinese Communication Services are all professional and academically trained. When translation document, our goals are to assure accuracy, confidentiality and cultural appropriateness and punctual turnaround time.

We translate from Chines to English and English to Chinese. To maximum accuracy, all translated documents we use a three-step process: translation, proofreading and editing to ensure our quality and product.

Our PDF e-delivery and USPS priority mail will ensure your completion products on time. Here is partial list of the types of documents we translate:


    • Adoption documents

    • Affidavits

    • Birth Certificated

    • Death Certificates

    • Divorce Documentation

    • Driver Licenses

    • Marriage Certificates

    • Pass Ports

    • Testimonies

    • Trusts

    • Wills

And many more…


    • Medical History

    • Death Certificates

    • Medical Evaluation

    • Medical Documents

And many more…


    • Contracts & Business Agreements

    • Brochures & Catalogs

    • Patents, trademarks and copyrights

    • Employee Newsletter & handbooks

    • Conference materials

    • Rental lease

    • Marketing campaigns & collateral

    • Presentation

    • Product specification sheet

    • Software content & technical manuals

    • User manuals

    • Website contents

And many more…


    • Individual Certificates and diplomas

    • Adoption and education documents

    • Testimonies & transcripts

    • Student Handbooks

    • IEP (Individual Educational Plan) progress report, parent letters, enrollment, forms & websites

    • Books & Magazine translations

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