Visitation 訪問

Individuals on occasions may invite the Minister, the Co-Workers, and other congregants to their homes for visitation.  Generally, hymns are sung, and topics of interest are discussed, along with any entertainment such as games or karaoke.   This is accompanied by a buffet-style dinner where everyone enjoys a good meal while they get to know each other better.


我們教會有不定期的家庭聚會。會友邀請傳道,同工和別的會友到他們的家裡聚會。在聚會的時候, 大家一起唱讚美詩,並討論一些感興趣的話題,還進行一些娛樂活動如遊戲或卡拉OK。主人還會為大家準備自助餐。在享受美餐的時候, 大家相互交談,以增加了相互瞭解。