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Martial Arts, The Art of Wing Chun Kung-Fu
 Chinese Boxing


Founder By GM, Redfeather has three main methods to teach

1. Wing Chun Kung Fu - Chinese Boxing 

2. Chinese Wrestling

3. Tie Gou Quan - mixed with American Wrestling and American Boxing

What is Chinese Boxing?

What exactly is Chinese boxing? As we shall see, this question is not as easily answered as one might suppose. The actual name in Chinese is "Chung-Kuo chuan", which literally translates as "Chinese fist". However, "fist" is typically translated as "boxing," meaning hand-to-hand combat. In some ways, this translation is misleading and unfortunate, since in the United States today, "boxing" is a specific sport. Chinese boxing is not a sport, but a means of survival in no-holds-barred, life-or-death situations. Western boxing uses only the hands, which the boxer is required to sheathe in gloves. Chinese boxing has no constraints. It uses the entire body as a weapon. It was never designed as a game, and so knows no rules. A martial artist who has trained in Chinese boxing might participate in a sport karate or kickboxing tournament, but he would not employ true, unadulterated Chinese boxing in the ring. To do so would be unethical, for his life would not be on the line—the stakes in a tournament are merely pride and money. "Chung-Kuo chuan," then, might be more accurately translated as "Chinese lethal combat method." However, Redfeather founder at the Tie Gou Quan use the term, Tie Gou Quan is not just any Chinese lethal combat method—it is a very specific method. There are countless styles of Chinese martial art intended for use in lethal combat.  Even though it is old, Founder GM, Redfeather modified it so that Amercan people have better understanding in our time of self defense.

The History of Wing Chun Kung Fu can be traced back to the Ching dynasty, over 275 years ago. The Manchus, who made up about 10% of the population, ruled the Hans and created many restrictions to keep them dependent on the small ruling class. Through the years, however, the Manchus gradually began to accept the Han culture and to respect the Sil Lum (Shao-lin) Temple as a place of worship and sanctuary. Even so, to repress the Hans, the Manchus banned all weapons and martial arts training. Secretly the Hans began organizing rebel groups within the Sil Lum Temple. Because the classical animal styles of kung fu took 15 to 20 years to master, it was necessary to develop a new style that would enable students to become proficient fighters in a much shorter time span. As the Manchu soldiers were often trained in classical Gung-Fu styles, it was important that this new style be designed to be effective in neutralizing the existing techniques. Five kung fu  Masters pooled the knowledge of their own respective styles in order to come up with a new, more economical style, utilizing only the most effective methods of combat from each. What these five kung fu Masters developed would create an efficient martial artist in only 3 to 5 years. Before they could teach anyone the new style, a traitor within the temple opened the gates for the Manchu soldiers and the temple was burned to the ground. Only one master, a Sil Lum nun named Ng Mui, escaped. She later passed her knowledge on to a young orphan girl, who she named Yim Wing Chun (Beautiful Springtime) and who shared this knowledge with her husband, Leung Bok Cho. Through the years, the style became known as Wing Chun Kung Fu.

In fact, the Martial-Art Schools generally mentioned in public are Shao-lin Boxing School (which is fully famous for its intrepidity and masculinity, and the qualified representative of Shao-lin Martial Arts currently in the international community maybe is Jet Li, whose Chinese name is Li Lianjie),Wudang School(which is quite famous for its self-cultivation via Martial arts in pursuit of Taoist Immortality, the famous one is its Gou-Quan and the Gou-Quan Master is Lee Wong, who was said to be the founder of Gou-quan and Wing Chun School. However, Lee Wong used to be an unknown monk of , Shao-lin Boxing Temple School (which is mainly famous for its female martial arts and the whole feature is graceful and agile. This school is specialized in Wing Chun) and Southern Boxing School (which is quite popular in Southern China, especially in Canton Province, the famous representatives are Cailifo Boxing and Yongchun Boxing, which Bruce Li was quite specialized in). Besides, in these schools, more branches are also available. Apart from this four schools, there are also many other small-sized or medium-sized schools scattered all over China. Shao-lin Kung-Fu among these schools is the outstanding representative. As the perfect way for bodybuilding, self-defense and competition, it is very famous in folk community. Shao-lin Gung-fu  is a comprehensive system of martial arts based on Zen, or Chan, one of the important theories in Chinese Buddhism. The basic definition of Zen is un-considering outside and non-fluctuating inside. In other words it means self-meditation in harmony to get rid of evilness. Hence Shao-lin Gung-Fu  is absolutely different from other schools. It emphasizes the integration of Zen and Martial Arts. Schools are apt to socialization but boxing and kung fu  tricks are apt to techniques. Giving boxing as an example, it has numerous branches or schools.

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GM,Redfeather started his Martial Art training at the age of  5 years old, by Master Lee Wong in the state of California. He got is first black belt at the age of 10.And at the age of 16 he was able to expand his knowledge in other Martial Art styles. Back then Martial Arts was not very popular. American people did not know what Chinese Boxing or Kung-Fu was, and at the time Judo was the most popular sport in the United States and the 26th U.S. President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt  was The First U.S. American to bring Judo to the United States and taught it to the secret service he also was a 3rd degree brown belt in Judo and Student of Master Yamashita .Over the years GM.Redfeather has taught the U.S.Military, Law Enforcement, Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, Movie Actors, and also choreographing fight scenes in small Movies.

Founder R. Redfeather

1. Masters Hall of Fame has inducted Redfeather as the Pioneer Award of the year 2000.

2. Has Inducted Redfeather into the International Hall of Fame as the Master Instructor of the year 2001.

3. WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL has inducted Redfeather into the International Hall of Fame as the Distinguished Master of the year 2002.

4. World Wide Masters Arts Hall of Fame HAS INDUCTED REDFEATHER AS GRANDMASTER OF THE YEAR 2002 Alexandria Bay, New York

5. Redfeather was awarded combat award for teaching the U.S. Marine Corp close quarter combat knife training 2003

6. WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL has inducted Redfeather into the International Hall of Fame as the Master of the year 2012.

7.Redfeather Mescalero Apache Awarded into The Martial Arts History Museum for Apache Knife Oldest Traditional Native American Art's
Martial Arts History Museum in 2013
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Martial Arts,The Art of Chinese  Boxing in Stanton California. 


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