CHINAsia Update is a free monthly e-publication that is released on the 28th of each month.

CHINAsia Update Team

Mr. TaraNath Ghimiray is a senior journalist,
editor and human rights worker.
He has worked for the United Nations  
several years. He has also prepared
for TOEFL, IELTS and SAT, and taught English
language courses. He is an MBA and  BA with
English Honors.  
TaraNath  launched CHINAsia
Update in June 
of 2008 with the desire to
strengthen the relationships 
between China,
Nepal, India and other bordering countries.

Tara-Nath Ghimiray
Email: taran.zee@gmail.com

Ingmar is a Photojournalist and Media Artist.
He has recently covered the political instability
in Nepal. He has several years of multi-media
experience, producing award winning websites,
commercials and working in documentary film.
Ingmar is a passionate traveler and loves intense
places in the far corners of the world. He holds
a Bachelor degree in Media Arts and Animation
Honors from the Art Institute of San Francisco.

Photo Editor / Designer

 Ingmar Zahorsky
Email: Ingmar@Zahorskyart.com

Diplomatic Correspondents

Dr. Rituraj Mate

Dr. Rituraj Mate holds a doctorate in Counter Terrorism.
He has worked as a journalist and analyst throughout
Asia. He has extensive experience covering wars,
conflicts, natural disasters and the movements / activities
of guerrilla groups.

John Tan

John Tan is an Asian business tycoon operating from
Singapore. As he has big business stakes in major
Asian countries he is in a position to contribute his
insights to CHINAsia Update.