Lu Cuisine

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Lu Cuisine, also called Shandong Cuisine, is originated from the native cooking styles of East China's Shandong Province. Its history can date back to Qin Dynasty (221 BC to 207 BC). It has become one of China's eight cuisines since SongDynasty (960 AD to 1234 AD). It is the most prevalent distinct regional cuisine in China, popular through out Beijing, Tianjin and Northeast China.

Lu Cuisine is more inclined to keep the freshness of ingredients than other cuisines and fond of salt flavor, featured with tender, savory and crisp. It is particular about making soup.

Seafood is the most notable ingredient of Lu Cuisine as Shandong is a costal province, including scallops, prawns, clams, sea cucumbers, and squid, which are all local ingredients of exemplary quality. Besides seafood, corn, peanuts, grains such as small grains, millet, wheat, oat and barley, and staple vegetables of Shandong province including potatoes, tomatoes, cabbages, mushrooms, onions, garlic and eggplants.

There are over thirty cooking techniques applied in Lu Cuisine, among which Bao technique (quick-fry) and Pa technique are frequently and well used in Lu Cuisine. In Bao (quick-fry), foods are deep-fried in very hot oil over high heat and then the oil is poured out and seasonings are added to the food, which is left in the wok. Pa technique, derived from Shandong Province, is first to cut the well-cooked ingredient into a particular shape, then stick some powder and fry it into golden, finally add some kind of sauce to sauté it while stirring continuously.

Lu Cuisine Menu

Stewed Pork HockShuijing ZhouziShway-jing joh-dzrr水晶肘子
Diced Pork Cooked in a PotTanzi RouTan-dzrr roh坛子肉
Braised Colon in Brown SauceJiu Zhuan DachangJyoh-jwann daa-chung九转大肠
Lungs in Milk SoupNai Tang Dai FeiNeye tung deye fay奶汤怠肺
Four Joy MeatballsSi Xi WanziSrr sshee wann-dzrr四喜丸子
Eight Treasures Stuffed Chicken in Milk SoupNaitang Babao Budai TangNeye tung baa-baoww boo-deye jee奶汤八宝布袋鸡
Dezhou Grilled DuckDezhou Pa YaDer-joh paa yaa德州扒鸭
Sweet and Sour Yellow River CarpTangcu Huanghe LiyuTung-tsoo hwung-her lee-yoo糖醋黄河鲤鱼
Chicken Juice ShrimpsJi Zhi XiarenJee jrr sshyaa-rnn鸡汁虾仁
King Prawns Stewed in Brown SauceHongshao DaxiaHong-shaoww daa-sshyaa红烧大虾
Abalone Consommé (in Broth)Qingtang BaoyuChing-tung baoww-yoo清汤鲍鱼
Laoshan Ten Treasures MeetingLaoshan Shi Zhen HuiLaoww-shan shrr jnn hway崂山十珍会
Fried Pear Balls with Honey SauceMi Zhi Li QiuMee jrr lee chyoh蜜汁梨球