Flashing china Mobile Phones

How to Flash china Mobile Phones

Many of new member face the problem, how they make a usb to com cable for flash his china phone. with this usb to com cable any one can use free soft for do software operation on his phone.

with a usb to com cable (as like ringtone cable) you can make your own cable for flashing, format, ect for china phone.
I explain here with a Motorola c261 usb ringtone cable, its always do better work for me.

first collect a cable of Motorola c261 usb ringtone cable (available in market) like this-
in cable middle have intact a box by plastic. in it have a mini pcb. need to open this mini box for see and work on it. see picture.

after open it, now we can see a mini pcb, its one side have 5 cable, which is connect to pc usb, no need to touch it. its ok.

we work on pcb opposite cable connection, here have 3 cable. 1 tx, 1rx, 1gnd. see pic-

here have 3 cable, now make a connection for V+ or B+. when we flashing our phone we need power supply for flash phone. so connect a cable with clip in this point, just use a diode from pc usb V+, see picture-

For using this cable you can use motorola usb to com cable driver(c261) or you can use PL2303 USB driver.

connect cable tx rx gnd B+ to phone tx rx gnd B+ and work your phone. now we found our won cable for flashing china phone.

for expert user : now you can collect a RJ45 connector. than join tx rx gnd in in RJ45 Socket. now you use any rj45 cable with it. and place it on any box, as like in any reject device, open box and leave it old pcb than place this pcb in it. and V+/B+ cable and clip stay in out or side for give power supply to phone. now you found a complete china box/device and use it.

You can use following software for flashing china phones with this cable.


          SpiderMan_V2.20_Full_Crack          MTK FlashTool_v3.2.00 


You can use following software for for finding pinouts of china phones.

          ISO-8859-1''China Mobiles Guide     China phones pinouts By STBSL

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