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中国绿党 China Green Party



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中国绿党 China Green Party


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中国绿党 China Green Party 


中国绿党 China Green Party


中国绿党 China Green Party




中国绿党 China Gre

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 On the 6th August 2005, we, a group of environmentalists who gather together with same wish and goal, declare stately to the whole world the foundation of China Green Party.

We, due to our passion to the nature, respect to the society, expectation to Chinese nationality and concern to the future, taking the responsibility and liability for all Chinese people as well as for environment in China, establish China Green Party.

We have experienced the dramatic social development and radical historical changes. Because of the ultimate concern from deep heart to the development of human being and of the ultimate duty to nature environment, with our common conscience, we claim to the world the guiding principles of China Green Party.

The political pursuit of China Green Party is to build an ecological wisdom social-democracy in China.

Approving the principles of Global Green Charter 2001, China Green Party states that we commit ourselves to build ecologically intelligent society; to firmly vindicate social justices; to promote grass-root democracy; and advocate non-violence means of conflict solution.

China Green Party promise seriously that we will engage in the movement of environment protection for developing a sustainable ecological-economic system; in the vindication of citizen’s fundamental rights for guarantying individual equity; in protection of female and children rights and concern the weak social classes; reduction of poverty; in completion of social welfare and public service; in realisation of compulsory education and promotion of adult education; in respect of cultural diversities and safeguard of cultural heritages; in understand of religion differences and vindication of religious freedom; in advocating healthy life and social values and promotion of commonweal; in supervision and improvement of social-democratic polity for encouraging public participation in political governance; in contestation for peaceful unity of China.