Tickets To Nyc Fashion Week

tickets to nyc fashion week
    fashion week
  • The most sacred time of the year in Los Angeles. Sort of like the High Holy Days in Judaism, Ramadan in Islam, and FIFA World Cup Soccer for every country in the world except the United States.
  • A fashion week is a fashion industry event, lasting approximately one week, which allows fashion designers, brands or "houses" to display their latest collections in runway shows and buyers to take a look at the latest trends.
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  • .nyc is a proposed city-level top-level domain for New York City.
  • New York is the most populous city in the United States, and the center of the New York metropolitan area, which is one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world.
  • Pennsylvania Station — commonly known as Penn Station — is the major intercity train station and a major commuter rail hub in New York City. It is one of the busiest rail stations in the world, and a hub for inboard and outboard railroad traffic in New York City.
  • New York City

Day 174 - NYC Day 4 - don't be surprised!
Day 174 - NYC Day 4 - don't be surprised!
I did it! I downloaded a trial period of Adobe Photoshop and finally got to 'mark my photos'... even though, there were many, many frustrations in making that happen! (let's just say, I chose this as my picture of the day before I went out at night again & took pictures at Magnolia Bakery... they will be posted on my tumblr for sure! yums) So once again, lecture (which I kept dozing off/falling asleep in) then discussion was all together today, because we needed to "present" an interview that we did. I presented the public transportation interview we had with Eric (which I am so happy to have saw last night, thank you for the ice cream!)... 120 hour work weeks, 7 days a week... boy, you better be getting fully compensated! I hope we get to hang out again, if not many times. Miss you so much! After that stuff, the girls and I went to Washington Square Garden again (I have a feeling this will be a very common thing for the next few weeks) and I took pictures, of course... the fountain wasn't on and we had a lot of time, so the girls started interviewing random people for the rest of our transportation research paper... we also saw a bunch of NYU Orientation people, which reminded me of home :) We went to go sit in the shade, and there was a grandmother with a baby named Penelope (who calls herself "baby" when I showed her a picture of her in my camera). So sweet. I look forward to having my own child someday, maybe within 10 years or so? Anyway, so we took the subway to the Chelsea Art Galleries and visited multiple galleries (I want to be a gallerina! hahaha). The photo above is of the first gallery that we went to - Anne Truitt. A lot of people saw it and chuckled, thinking "what the eff is this sh*t?" but honestly, I feel like life is an artwork: everyone sees things differently and has a different story to tell; we should all just learn to appreciate what we can have and experience rather than look down upon those things we cannot understand or relate to. After the many galleries and architecture we examined, we got to take the bus back and got dropped off right in front of our dorm! That's just awesome! Chilled in the room for a bit (sad I didn't go to Chelsea Market, but my legs were seriously dying)... then went to the NYU gym next door with Brian and Victor. The gym is bomb - and has a nice indoor basketball court with a huge indoor pool! I biked for 40 minutes, then went back to the room to pick up stuff and run some errands. I returned the Canon for Dummies book and in turn, bought roundtrip bus tickets to Boston for this Saturday, with a few bucks left over! :) I am very excited for this trip and look forward to enjoying the getaway (even though, I'm technically away right now!) Dani Ain came over, and we decided to go to the famous Magnolia Bakery for the Red Velvet cupcakes! After two transfers and a 10 minute walk, we get there only to find Red Velvet Cheesecakes and other less popular desserts left... sadness (but he promised we'd go back again so yay!) We got the cheesecake and a Magic Cookie Bar (which had coconut, walnut, chocolate, and whatever else in it) so yummy!! Next stop, we have to go to Abraco Coffee Shop (and visit East Village). Tomorrow night is the Broadway, Everyday Rapture, then might go clubbing (Lily found one!) but I'm not sure if I want to do that yet... but after that, Dani and I are thinking of convincing others to stay out so that we can be the first ones in line for Alicia Keys' free concert at Central Park on Friday morning! We'll see what happens tomorrow :) I should probably get studying/writing my research paper. Time is precious. We don't have a lot of it! Especially not in NYC... though I am thinking about applying to grad school (higher ed? student affairs? sociology?) and possibly even in the East coast! I am actually keeping all/most of the receipts of things I spend on, and hopefully I don't go overboard. See, I'm the type that spends on food or attractions versus on clothes or accessories, especially from places that are very common back home too! I do notice my delays on following the fashion trends, but I guess it doesn't bug me as much as spending countlessly on things that are not "special to the occasion". Wow, now I just sound whiny. Anyway... Dani and I were talking, and I realized that blogging has become such a big part of my that my day doesn't feel complete unless I blog/talk about it... I also wish I knew who were actually reading my stuff - so if you do have a flickr/yahoo account (or even on my tumblr), will you please leave a comment or two on my photos... or at least this photo, to let me know that you exist? Because I see the views... it's just creepy/mysterious to not know who is following my life! Please and thank you!! I was watching Behind the Music (from VH1) on Christina Aguilera and Eve... both of whom are world-class female recording artists who both battled depression and lots

tickets to nyc fashion week
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