Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association

hong kong fashion designers association
    fashion designers
  • (fashion designer) couturier: someone who designs clothing
  • This is a list of notable fashion designers. It includes designers of haute couture and ready to wear. For haute couture only, see the list of grands couturiers.
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    hong kong
  • formerly a Crown Colony on the coast of southern China in Guangdong province; leased by China to Britain in 1842 and returned in 1997; one of the world's leading commercial centers
  • A special administrative region on the southeastern coast of China, a former British dependency; pop. 6,850,000. The area comprises Hong Kong Island, ceded by China in 1841; the Kowloon peninsula, ceded in 1860; and the New Territories, additional areas of the mainland that were leased for 99 years in 1898. All were returned to China in 1997. Hong Kong has become one of the world's major financial and manufacturing centers
  • Hong Kong is a live album by Jean Michel Jarre, and released in 1994 on Disques Dreyfus, licensed to Polydor.
  • British Hong Kong refers to Hong Kong under British rule from 1841 to 1997.

FOC for: Andreia Chaves
FOC for: Andreia Chaves
The first commercial studio series by designer Andreia Chaves will be launched at this years’ Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (February 10-17). The series entitled ‘Invisible Shoe’ will be shown in New York in a exhibition organized by Mercedes-Benz in collaboration with designer Herve Leger and this will be followed in March 2011 by a launch in Asia in association with I.T. Hong Kong as well as the opening of the retailers’ new store in Beijing. Described as a study of optical effect applied to shoe design, the ‘Invisible Shoe’ series explores the concept of invisibility though the ‘chameleon effect’ while the shoe’s reflective finished surface creates an obscured optical effect with each step taken. This innovative design greatly exceeds the primary function of the shoe, where "protecting" the foot also means "deleting" or "immersing" it into the environment. The series, which will be available in limited edition, in three different models, is handmade in Italy using a combination of leather making techniques together with advanced 3D printing technology. For the development and manufacture of the external structure, Chaves has collaborated with the renowned Dutch Company FOC (Freedom Of Creation). A native of San Paulo, Brazil, Andreia Chaves’s work had captured the attention of international media even before her graduation from Polimoda Fashion Institute in Florence, Italy. Chaves’ ambition is to bring a fresh perspective to fashion, “fusing the mastery and traditions of making with a visionary approach to design while also embracing the potential of 21st century technology”. Chaves works between Italy and Ireland.
The 20th HKFDA Annual Show
The 20th HKFDA Annual Show
Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association (HKFDA) - The 20th HKFDA Annual Show - Participant of the Evening wear Fashion Show sponsored by Forevermark Jewelry

hong kong fashion designers association
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