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fashion wear sale
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fashion wear sale - Perry's Department
Perry's Department Store: A Buying Simulation for Juniors, Men's Wear, Children's Wear, and Home Fashion/Giftware
Perry's Department Store: A Buying Simulation for Juniors, Men's Wear, Children's Wear, and Home Fashion/Giftware
This revised edition bridges the gap between the principles of retail buying and merchandising mathematics and the actual application of these concepts. The book simulates the experience of a new buyer in a fictitious store and provides instructions for researching the markets and trends. Students can choose to be a buyer for juniors, mens wear, childrens wear or home fashion/giftware. They determine the customer profile, project sales, and plan beginning-of-the-month stock requirements and markdowns to complete a six-month buying plan. The simulation prepares students for a trip to the market, including setting up appointments, visiting a buying office and writing actual purchase orders. Perrys Department Store also includes a CD-ROM that students can use as a computer workbook to complete the simulation. New to This Edition: Chapter on product development plans Chapter on careers provides insight into job opportunities in retail buying List of Web site resources Compilation of retailing formulas from the text CD-ROM Features: Industry statistics and a manufacturers line list or catalogue for each industry Forecasting information from The Doneger Group Excel worksheets from the text with embedded formulas Text Features: Instructors Guide includes a syllabus for a fifteen-week course; chapter objectives, teaching tips, discussion questions, and completed worksheets for each chapter; and midterm and final exams

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...only want to inform you that I set FIREBIRD 2 on sale ...ONLY FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK - until SUNDAY end 21.FEBRUARY 2010 you have the chance to get this beautiful skirts for only 100L ...after Sunday I will take it off form the store...than you cannot sell it any more. Firebird 2 comes with two special colours of the HILLARY corset, lace shirt and pants and a great BIG GOWN. So if you don?t have it ;)))...make sure you can get it now... ... but only for group membres form my LAMU GROUP make sure you wear my group tag shoes/clothes/by AnaLee Balut - Alb Dream Fashion SKIN/shape by AnaLee Balut - Alb Dream Fashion hairs by Minnu Palen - MMS HAIR NEW RELEASE 19. FEBRUARY 2010
Portmans Grey Denim Like Coat $20
Portmans Grey Denim Like Coat $20
Size 10. Very smart trendy looking grey-black Portmans coat. Sort of looks like denim but is a cotton/spandex mix. There is some red marks on the inside where some colouring off a valentine's fairy costume rubbed off, hehe, but is only on the inside and is not noticeable...unless you were to wear it inside out?! Orig $59.95

fashion wear sale
fashion wear sale
Ready-to-Wear Apparel Analysis (3rd Edition)
Taking a practical industry approach, this book provides fashion merchandisers with an understanding of the mass production process of ready-to-wear apparel, and the objective evaluation of its cost and quality. Coverage of practical issues and industry methods, along with the related vocabulary, make this book an excellent reference guide. Chapter topics include government regulations and labeling; the priority of industry and consumers; focus on design development; sizing and fit as the keys to competitive advantage; fabric; quality indicators such as fabric and trim; stitches; seams and edge treatments; garment assembly; and home fashions. For use in retailer- and manufacturer-run libraries, training programs, and testing labs, and for anyone working in the apparel industry.

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