Industrial Kitchen Equipment

industrial kitchen equipment
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  • Cuisine
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industrial kitchen equipment - TPI CE
TPI CE 12-DV 12'' Venturi Mounted Direct Drive Exhaust Fan
TPI CE 12-DV 12'' Venturi Mounted Direct Drive Exhaust Fan
VENTURI MOUNTED DIRECT DRIVE EXHAUST FANS 12"Diameter Fan Venturi mounted exhaust fans install on inside of wall. Venturi mount exhaust fans are designed for low-pressure exhausting and cooling applications. Fan is mounted to a steel venturi frame for easy installation to walls and shutters. 3 aluminum fan blades are enclosed in steel spiral wire guards for safety. 120V, single phase motor is totally enclosed and permanently lubricated for long life, UL listed. Exhaust fans feature pull chain operation. Includes junction box for direct wiring. Note: Rough-in hole size is 1/2" larger than fan blade size. Optional Wall Shutters available. Horsepower rating based upon maximum speed/load. 15.13 W. 15.13 H.

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Uses of Plate Roller Machinery
Uses of Plate Roller Machinery
Plate rollers are industrial equipment used to form different metals into specific thickness and shapes suitable for other uses. The standard thickness of the metal is known as the gauge of the metal, with the thinner metal given the higher number. The finest and thinnest rolled metal is foil or leaf; the next grade of the metal is plate grade such as the thickness used by knights in plate armor. The types of metals that can be used in plate rollers range from brass, copper, steel, aluminum, tin, titanium and nickel. Precious metals such as gold and silver can be used in decoration. There are two main types of plate roller procedures that are used. The first is to convert the pieces of metal into the desired thickness, width and length for whichever the project is. The pieces that are rolled are often heated if they are to be formed into deep shaped objects such as cans or stainless steel kitchen sinks for example. When rolling the material into a larger and longer piece, there are several items that need to be considered. One of the most important is the speed at which the material can be sent through the industrial rollers. The type of metal used and the number of rollers that it must roll through before a finished product is complete determines this. The type of lubrication is important because some metals work best with a specific type of lubricant. As the metal is compressed and rolled, the edges may become thinner and the middle show signs of bowing, this is a normal side effect of the pressure used in manufacturing. Another method of using rollers is to push the heated metal through a series of rollers and die forms that shape the metal to a certain shape, such as guard rails used on curves of roadways or the sheet metal roofing that is specially tooled and formed to fit together to keep the rain and snow out. Plate rollers and plate roller machinery is used in many different production areas of various metals. Most of the metal we use in construction and daily life has been touched at least once by plate roller machinery. The siding used on houses and on patio doorways that let the doors slide are another use of plate rollers. For fine metals, the tolerance of how much the metal can be compressed and rolled depends on the type of metal used. Silver and gold can be pressed into thin leaf grade sheets suitable for gilding and ornamentation of fine objects of art or to be used for parts of computer technology due to their ability in the transmittal of electricity and heat. Whatever the design, the use of plate rollers and the machinery associated with the formation of technology, there will always be a need for straight, even sheet metal to be used for all kinds of objects today and tomorrow.
Kitchen Equipments
Kitchen Equipments
Atcomaart Has An Exclusive Range Of Industrial Kitchen Equipments Solutions That Are Well Suited For Commercial Kitchens With Various Shopping And Catering Equipments Such As Cleaning & Pest Control Equipments, Cooling & Heating Equipments, Processing Equipments, Snackery Equipments, Hi Sharp Popcorn Machine, Vest Frost Upright Coolers, Mitora Ice Cube Maker Online At Affordable Price.

industrial kitchen equipment
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