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Silk Road Tour

Tohur Description

China's Wild West offers great scenery, fascinating history and culture. Ride the famous Karakorum Highway.

DATES: September
START/FINISH: Urumqi/Kashgar or Kashgar/Urumqi
DURATION: 10 day vacation, 8 riding days
ROUTE: Total distance 1540 - 1920 miles (2500 - 3090 km).
Daily rides 80 - 330 miles (130 – 530 km).
Mostly on blacktop with some gravel and dirt roads.
ACCOMMODATION: 3-, 4- and 5-Star-Hotels, one simple guesthouse in Tashkurgan.
REST DAY: Kashgar
HIGHLIGHTS: Urumqi, Oasis of Turpan, Tianshan Mountains, Kashgar, Karakorum Highway
SPECIAL FEATURES: Elevations and temperatures are at their most extreme on this tour: from 500 ft below sea level to 16,000 ft on Kunjerab pass, from 100 °F in the midday sun in Turpan to fresh snow at Lake Karakul: everything is possible.

Explanation Riding Hours Per Day Explanation Tour Grading


ride the Karakorum Highway, one of the most spectacular, breathtaking, mind-blowing roads on the planet
marvel at the eternal ice and snow on the 25,000ft peaks of Muztagh Ata and Kongur Shan and ride a camel along the shore of Lake Karakul
experience the ancient city of Kashgar with it’s unique atmosphere and the famous Sunday market
feel the looming presence of the Taklimakan, the second-largest desert in the world
cross the snow-covered range of the Heavenly Mountains via a 14,000ft pass road.

Price & Services
Tour prices per Person 2009 twin, duo twin, solo single, solo
Jialing 600
US$ 3220 US$ 3600 US$ 4030
YAMAHA XT660Z Tenere US$ US$ US$
BMW F 800 GS US$ 4090 US$ 4570 US$ 5110
BMW R 1200 GS US$ 4700 US$ 5480 US$ 6030

twin, duo: sharing room and riding two up
twin, solo: sharing room and riding solo
single, solo: single room and riding solo

Services 2009

9 overnights in comfortable middle-class hotels during the entire tour
9 breakfasts
9 dinners
Basic motorcycle rental with unlimited mileage and third party liability insurance
Comprehensive vehicle insurance for motorcycles with a deductible of US$ 1900 - US$ 3500
Tour information package about entire tour including safety tips, details about the route, sights and road map
One tour guide on a motorcycle
One tour guide in the support van
Support van transports the luggage and provides space for passengers on entire tour

Not included in the tour price (all items not mentioned under services, in particular:)

  • Air Fare
  • Beverages
  • Gas
  • Toll
  • VIP insurance
  • All items of a personal nature

Map & Route
2,000 years ago, China and the Roman Empire were two separate universes, connected only by a mysterious network of caravan routes. The bygone days of this ancient Silk Road will feel alive to you as you stroll the Sunday Market in Kashgar. The tour starts in Urumqi, the bustling capital of Xinjiang, China’s largest province. With its glass-and-steel skyscrapers and the extensive bazaars at street level it is a unique mixture of 21st-century China and medieval Persia. Central Asia has become a true melting pot. Day 2 brings us down to Kuitun – a great place to explore China’s secrets. On our way southwest, we follow the impressive snow-capped mountain chain of Tianshan, meaning Heavenly Mountains, with the infamous Taklamakan Desert on the other side, stretching endlessly to the horizon. Then we reach Kashgar.
Close your eyes and say the name slowly – and your mind will see pictures of colourful bazaars, men with long beards and artfully embroidered caps sitting on donkey carts and veiled women in long, flowing dresses. Are we still in China? After a rest day in Kashgar we set out to ride one of the most fascinating roads on the planet: the Karakorum Highway. Several 25,000-ft peaks as well as camels and yaks surround us as we climb to Tashkurgan, an ancient trading outpost. At elevations of 12,000 ft and more, the scenery will literally take your breath away! When we return to Kashgar on our last day you
will have a different view of what we know as the ancient Silk Road.


Day 2 Urumqi - Kuitun
Day 3 Kuitun - Bayinbuluk
Day 4 Bayinbuluk - Kuqa
Day 5 Kuqa - Aksu
Day 6 Aksu - Kashgar
Day 7 Rest day Kashgar
Day 8 Kashgar - Tashkurgan
Day 9 Tashkurgan - Kashgar

* The first and last day mentioned in the itinerary are the arrival and departure days for tour start and end. Depending on the country you start in you may have to leave a day early, respectively you will arrive one day later back home. Book your flight accordingly!
This is the route for the tour that starts in Urumqi. If you choose to begin your journey in Kashgar, the itinerary will be reversed. Book your flight accordingly!