Only 30 years ago, under the leadership of Premier Deng, Xiaoping, China implemented dramatic free market economic reforms with advice from free market economists such as Nobel laureate Dr. Milton Friedman. The results have stunned the world and have forever changed the role China plays in the international arena.
    Therefore, all can agree that free market economic policies have played a most important role in Chinese economic growth.

    We are a group of free market economists who love China and are extremely impressed with the economic growth of China. Through this Economics Camp, we want to offer our knowledge of the Austrian School of Economic Theory to Chinese economics students and teachers to help China continue to grow even stronger and wealthier.

    We welcome you to join us in this noble effort by donating relevant books, teaching materials, and funds.

    Thank you and Aloha!


Camp Date:       JULY 16 - 24, 2011

Organizer:          LI SCHOOLLAND

Camp Schedule

Northeastern University of China