Dhakaan Rising

A goblinoid campaign set in the world of Eberron.

For millennia your people have taken refuge deep in their mountain fortresses.  The Daelkyr and their minions were defeated, but in the process the Dhakaani Empire was crushed.  Now the lesser races lay claim to the surface of Khorvaire while you fight with your brothers in the shadows of the Seawall Mountains.  This is the way it has been for countless generations… but all of that is about to change.


Twenty years ago one of the Ghaal’dar barbarians, Haruuk Shaarat’kor, led his tribe in revolt against his human masters, and actually managed to carve himself a small kingdom.  Now the lowlanders talk about the greatness of Dhakaan being reborn in their new nation of Darguun. 


The Kech Volaar have heard these claims, as have their brethren.  The Heirs of Dhakaan are stirring again, preparing to rise from their mountain strongholds and show the barbarians what it really means to be Dhakaani.  Once the rest of the Dhakaani clans are brought under the rule of the Kech Volaar, the nation of Darguun will soon follow.



Your arrival into Volaar Darakhec is greeted by a flurry of activity.  The way station between Volaar and Shaarat lands has fallen into disuse over the past several generations, and many of its buildings are cracked and crumbled, mere shells of their former glory.  The walls of the once mighty fortress have remained strong throughout the years however, and the damage you see about you now can be repaired with a little hard work.  Indeed, even as you take note of the cracks and crumbles, you notice as well swarms of your brethren rising to the task of repair.


In addition to the repair crews, others are active as well.  Smoke rising from the smithy, and clangs ringing from within, assure you that the base is coming back to life.  Animal trainers and their wards dart amongst several bare chested warriors practicing their trade in the Chaniyard, and several worg cubs growl and wrestle near their dens to the southwest.  Dim lights escape from broken windows in the keep high above, and several others light the area around what must obviously be a makeshift cantina and mess hall.  Off duty warriors and laborers mingle there over drinks and food, telling stories and laughing amid the occasional brawl.


Breathing deeply of the soot filled air in this place, you fill with a deep sense of pride.  Dhakaan will rise again, and in the very core of your bones, you can tell that you will play a pivotal role.


Backdrop: Volaar Darakhec

Adventure 1: Gaining Allies

Adventure 2: Hall of Memories

Adventure 3: A Game of Stones

Adventure 4: Return to Duur' Shaarat