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 Monique and Bobby met at a destination wedding in Mexico. One of Monique's best friends from college, Molly, and Bobby's cousin, Tom, had a destination wedding in Maya Riviera, Mexico. Both admit it was basically love at first sight, however, they didn't act on it until their second night in Mexico. After a flirty dunk in the pool and a few margaritas at a local cantina, Bobby held Monique's hand and kissed her. The rest of the week (and everyday since) they have been inseperable. At the time they met, Monique lived in Chicago and Bobby lived in Nashville. Six months into the relationship, he took a new job and joined Monique in Chicago.
Here is the proposal in Bobby's own words: I proposed to Monique on May 3rd, 2006. I let her know that she needed to take the day off from work and school but did not tell her anything else. The day started with a full body massage at Joseph Michael Salon. After the salon we went back to our apartment and I sat her down in the middle of the living room floor and proposed. We celebrarted with a bottle of Dom Perignon and by calling friends and family. Next, I had bought two black evening dresses for Monique to chose from for dinner which was also a suprise. We ate at The Melting Pot, which is where we had our first date in Nashville. It was incredible, we had a private dinning room complete with roses and champagne. After dinner we saw Wicked at the Ford theatre in Chicago. We had excellent seats and the show was awesome. The day couldn't have been better.
We originally started planning our wedding in downtown Chicago, where we lived until December 2006, and had even booked the Newberry Library for our reception. However, we then made the spontaneous decision to move to Columbus, Ohio (where we planned to move and settle eventually anyway) so that Bobby could go back to school to get his teaching degree. Since we decided to move, we also decided to move our wedding. We've thrown all of our Chicago wedding planning out the window and are now in the process of re-planning our wedding here in Columbus! However, you'll still find me on the Chicago board because I love the Chicago knotties and they can't get rid of me! :)
Our colors will be deep red, chocolate brown and champagne. The bridesmaid dresses will be red and all of the flowers will be red roses.

The ring that started it all! It's a cushion cut on a plain band with a cathedral setting - it could not be more perfect!



Here is our church - Bexley United Methodist - it is a gorgeous old stone church with the most incredible stained glass in the sanctuary.

These are the doors to the sanctuary.

This is the inside and shows off a little of the gorgeous stained glass windows, but it's not this dark and this picture hardly does it justice!

The ballroom is on the upper floor here just inside the columns. The balconies pictured open up off of the ballroom so our guests will be able to enjoy a golf course view and some fresh air as well.

This is the entrance to the club where our guests will enter when they arrive.

This is the lobby to the ballroom, so in the ballroom the ceilings are much higher and a little more "grand" but this gives you an idea of the decor. The colors are gold, brown and rose/burgundy and will look great with our colors - the "pink" isn't nearly as pink in person.


The "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" cards that I made to give to each of my bridesmaids when I ask them to be in our wedding party. I bought the cards and envelopes from www.mygatsby.com. They are the 5x7 envelopement folded cards in metallic "bronze" and the 5x7 envelopes in "kimono red". The graphics on the cards were made at www.designhergals.com. I bought the "print at home" membership and then printed them on my home computer. Apparently www.designhergals.com no longer has the same template I used, but if you play around with it, I'm sure you can find one that works just as well.

I amazingly found these cute toiletry bags in our wedding colors on clearance at www.crateandbarrel.com and then I bought iron-on rhinestone letters at Michael's.

Along with the above cards and cosmetic bags, I gave each of my BMs these gifts of Bath and Body Works "Midnight Pomegranate" lotion and bubble bath. This is what the gifts looked like before I wrapped them up.

Later in the planning process and once we had picked out the BM dress and decided on general timelines for the wedding weekend, I sent out this BM newsletter to help keep the ladies informed. I designed it in PowerPoint.

Here's a close-up shot of the newsletter in PowerPoint.


Here is the monogram that I made in PowerPoint and shamelessly put on everything! I just really loved it and in the end, I think it really pulls the look and feel of our wedding together. You can find instructions for making your own monogram here: DIY Monogram Instructions


 These are our DIY STDs. The red card is the "#10 Matchbook" from www.paper-source.com, which is pre-cut, scored and has the holes for the ribbon pre-punched. The ribbon is just basic double-faced satin ribbon from Michael's and the magnets are from www.magnetstreet.com. I designed the text on the left in PowerPoint and then I printed and cut the text myself with a Fiskars cutter. I used my handy dandy Fiskars cutter and double-sided tape for ALL of my projects!

This is the magnet up close. I really love www.magnetstreet.com. Their magnets are very thick and high quality. If considering magnets, they have a free wedding magnet sample kit that can be requested on their website. I highly reccommend getting it so you can see them in person first.

This is the envelope we used fors the STDs. It is A2 size and was purchased from www.envelopemall.com. Of course it's tough to put addresses on dark envelopes, so we opted for nice labels. These labels also came from www.paper-source.com and I printed them on my home inkjet printer. I was SO excited when we found these cute stamps at the post office that matche dour colors so well!

These are our DIY pocketfold invitations. The pockets are the 6x6 "perfetto" style ordered from www.cardsandpockets.com. All other paper supplies including the text weight Stardream Opal paper, brown cardstock and ivory envelopes came from www.envelopemall.com and www.paperandmore.com. The outside is wrapped in a 7/8" satin ribbon "belly band" and has a square of cardstock with our monogram on it. The double faced satin ribbon was purchased in bulk from www.bagsandbowsonline.com. The brown "border" is just an additional piece of cardstock behind the monogramed piece serving as a mat. I printed all paper on my home inkjet and then cut it all by hand with my Fiskars cutter. The only adhesive I used was double sided tape.

Here is a list of all of the paper supplies I used and exactly where I purchased it from:

6" x 6" Perfetto Pocketfolder in "Candy Apple"

8.5" x 11" Brown Cardstock Paper in  "Coco"

8.5" x 11" Ivory Cardstock Paper in "Sand"

7/8" Brown Double Faced Satin Ribbon in "Chocolate"

6.5" x 6.5" Metallic Ivory Inner Envelope in "Stardream Opal"

7" x 7" Ivory Outer Envelope in "Sand"

4 Bar Metallic Ivory RSVP Envelope in "Stardream Opal"


The invitation opened, showing all of the inserts: Directions, Accomodations, Reception and RSVP.

This is the main text of the invitation.

This allows you to see the exact wording I used.

Here are each of the inserts and following is a screen shot of each of the inserts so you can see the exact wording I used.

This is the map I used using instructions in from the MapBio. If you're not up for the DIY challenge, contact knottie bkbistro3 on the Chicago board or check out her design website here: Bloom. She makes awesome maps and monograms very affordably!

I couldn't resist the urge of custom stamps and even though they are totally frivilous, I love them and don't regret them at all! I made these at www.zazzle.com and they were a huge hit with our guests!

Instructions for Printing on 4 Bar Envelopes

Above you can see my RSVP envelopes, on which I printed our return address with my HP Inkjet printer. Word doesn't allow you to print on envelopes as small as 4 Bar (3 5/8" x 5 1/8") using the "Envelopes and Labels" feature. However, I found a way to make it work by tricking the system.

Completely ingore the "Envelopes and Labels" feature and instead, print the envelope as if it were just a small piece of paper. You can change the actual size of the "paper" in Word (File --> Page Setup --> Paper --> Paper Size). Chose the "Custom size" from the drop down menu and enter the dimensions. I don't think it will allow you to go quite as small as the exact 4 Bar dimensions, but you can get close. Then, you can sort of trick the printer by positioning the text in a way that it will print on the right place on the envelope. This is a matter of trial and error and you may have to adjust the text a little up, a little down, to the right or left in order to get it positioned correctly on the envelope when it actually prints.
***As a word of warning, not all printers will sucessfully print on 4 Bar envelopes, even with the above tricks. It really depends on how the feed mechanism on your printer is configured/made. My printer printed them pretty well ,but it definitely ate an envelope here and there or occassionally fed an envelope in crooked so the address would print crooked, etc. You really have to sit there and watch it print each envelope one by one and make sure you have plenty of extras because you may run through a handful, especially in the beginning.

Here is the complete, finished product of our invitations, all stamped and ready for the mailbox.

 These are our DIY programs. I bought regular 8 1/2 x 11 red cardstock paper from www.envelopemall.com and cut it to 5 1/2 x 11 so that when it was folded, it made a perfect square. I then print the pages on "sand" (ivory) text weight paper from www.paperandmore.com and cut it to the 5 1/2 x 11 size as well. I then scored the red cover so it would easily fold, punched two small holes in the fold and threaded 7/8" double-faced satin ribbon through it to hold the whole program together. The monogram design on the front was printed on Stardream Opal paper from www.envelopemall.com and then I cut out each square, mounted on a brown cardstock square that I had also cut out and voila!

Here is the inside cover and the title page.

Pages 2 and 3 - "The Story of Us" that tells how we met and a quote from The Notebook, one of our favorite movies.

Pages 3 and 4 - "The Wedding Party"

Pages 5 and 6 - "The Wedding Ceremony" and our Thank You to everyone.

The last "Keep in Touch" page that has our address, email addresses and our favorite e-pic.

The invites I made for our Rehearsal Dinner. FI is a high school football coach, so instead of a traditional "dinner" we're doing a 1pm rehearsal with a late lunch following and then we're inviting all of our guests to go watch FI's high school football game. So naturally, the invites are football themed and incorporate the high school's colors :)

A close up of the RD invites. The burgundy envelopement is from www.mygatsby.com, the gold paper and envelopes are from Paper Source, color "curry," and I found the football paper at JoAnn's. The font for the header is "Jersey Letters" downloaded from www.dafont.com


This is the DIY aisle runner that I hand painted. The runner itself is rayon fabric and was purchased from www.sandscripts.com. The paint I used was regular acrylic craft paint from JoAnns. I sent my .jpg monogram file to Staples and asked them to blow it up to 32 inches wide (the runner was 34 inches). I then laid the blown-up monogram on a large table under the runner (the design will show through), taped everything down and free hand painted the design onto the runner. It took about 4 hours, but turned out great!

A closer up shot of the runner.

This is very similar to my bouquet. It will be a very large bouquet using all "classy" red roses and no filler or greenery. My BMs will have a smaller version with only 18-24 roses in their bouquets.

Here is the bouquet wrap I purchased from www.thegartermaker.net. She is wonderful to work with and did a fabulous job and I love it so much!

Here is a closer shot of the bouquet wrap.

This is a picture of how I want the BM bouquets to be wrapped; however, they will be wrapped in chocolate brown satin instead. I love the look of a classic satin wrap.

My FG will carry a pomander identical to this made with all "classy" red roses.

This is my DIY pearl cake topper. I really liked the rhinestone ones I saw, but rhinestones aren't really "me" - I'm much more of a pearl girl. So I bought the 6" tall, 1/8" thick brushed metal cake topper from www.weddingcuts.com. I then bought about 300 of the 3mm "flat back pearls" from www.dreamtimecreations.com. I painstakingly glued each little pearl onto the topper with GS Hypo Cement, which is a needle tip glue tube that you can find in the jewelry making section of Michaels or JoAnns. Three hours later I finally got it done and I love the unique result!

Here's a closer shot of the pearls.

Here is the seating chart I made for our reception. We did assigned seats and I didn't want to make escort cards, so I put this board together. This was SUCH a hassle to make due to spacing, formatting, etc. and of course I was making it the week before the wedding due to RSVP stragglers. If you like the idea, I highly reccommend you contact Tiffany at www.gourmetinvitations.com and have her make one for you. I thought I could easily DIY this like my many other projects, but in the end, I wish I would've left this to a professional! However, the finished product did turn out great so I guess all is well that ends well :)

In addition to the above seating chart that directed guests to the correct table, I used placecards to assign each guest to a seat. I bought the red placecards from www.paper-source.com and then printed on the ivory paper on my home computer. I then cut out the ivory paper, matted it on brown cardstock and attached it to the placecard with double-sided tape. I then bought flat-back rhinestones from www.jewelrysupply.com and used then to designate the guest's meal choice.   Red = Filet Mignon; Clear = Grilled Salmon; Brown = Vegetarian

These are the DIY menu cards that we made. I decided it would bring more color and symmetry to the table to put a menu at each place setting, so we made one for each guest and had them sitting on the plates. I printed 2 per sheet of ivory paper and then cut them out and double matted them on brown and red cardstock from www.envelopemall.com.

Here is a screen shot of the menu layout.

Our favors were two buckeye candies in honor of my home state of Ohio and two Jack Daniel's whiskey truffles in honor of DH's home state of Tennessee. All homemade! We put a "The story of our favors..." card inside each box explaining the significance of the two treats :) The boxes are the 3x3x2 glossy boxes from www.papermart.com.

A better shot of the favor tag.

About 2 months before the wedding, my Mom and I spent about 8 hours making 300 buckeyes and 300 Jack Daniel's truffles! Here are 1/2 of the buckeyes we made. I forgot to take a picture of the truffles before they got packaged up :)

These are the "inserts" that we put in each favor box explaining the significance of each hometown treat. The above picture shows it after is had been tri-folded so it would fit into the box.

We ordered these custom napkins and match boxes from www.foryourparty.com. I loved the way they turned out and I particularly love this site because you customize every aspect of the product (placement, fonts, spacing, colors for napkin and text, etc) and they show you an instant proof before you place your order so you can play around with different ideas before you commit.

This was my inspiration for our table centerpieces. We wanted something very simple - all red roses in square vases. We decided to DIY our centerpieces by buying bulk roses and arranging them ourselves. Here is how it worked: We bought 240 short stemed "classy" red roses and 75 long stem "classy" red roses from www.globalrose.com for about $200 and that includes the FedEx shipping (prices vary a little depedning on season). We ordered about a month ahead of time and scheduled delivery for the Thursday before the wedding. When the roses arrived on Thursday morning, they were super fresh and the heads were still closed. My wonderful Mom unpackaged all of them, cut the bottoms of the stems and put them in 3 large buckets that she bought from Home Depot. We let them sit in the water overnight. Then on Friday morning, me, my Mom, my SIL and MIL all re-cut the stems so they were a uniform length and arranged the 240 short stemmed roses into 16 table centerpices. We arranged the 75 long stem roses into 2 large altar arrangements. The total process on Friday morning took about 2 hours but we really easy and fun with a group. The online ordering with Global Rose was very easy and all flowers showed up on time and in perfect condition. If you have the time, help and want simple flower designs, I highly recommend DIY because it saves a TON of money.


Here is a "trial run" I did a few months before the wedding with some red roses DH randomly bought me. The vases are about 6" tall and rectangular. We got them from Michael's on sale for $1.99 each.

One more shot of the trial run.

 Above is a pictue that was my insporation for making my own DIY Table Runners. Mine looked exactly the same (but chocolate brown instead) and you can see pictures of them in my Married Bio. Below are the instructions for making them,

DIY Table Runners

INSTRUCTIONS: To begin, you need to know approximately how many tables you will have and the diameter of the tables in inches. The standard round table is generally 60" in diameter. Generally, two runners will fit per width of fabric. For example, my fabric was 36" wide, so I was able to get two 18" wide runners per width of fabric. You may need to adjust accordingly if your fabric is a different width - some fabrics are much wider so you may be able to fit three runners per width. Just measure the fabric you're interested in to see what will work for you.

Once you determine how many tables you have, you need to calculate how many yards of fabric you need. I had 20 tables that were 60" wide and I wanted approximately 12" of fabric to overhang the edge of the table. As a result, I needed 2 1/3 yards per two runners (60" for the table + 24" of overhang = 84"; 84" divided by 36", a yard, and you get 2 1/3 yards per two runners since, remember, two runners fit per width). When I did the math I needed a total of 23 1/3 yards of fabric, though I highly suggest you buy at least an extra yard of fabric to provide for mis-measuring :) 

Then I bought a slinky, chiffon-ish "garment lining" fabric that was originally just $2 per yard. With a 40% coupon I bought all of my fabric for just under $30. I suggest looking at atypical fabric like quilter's fabric or garment lining because it tends to be very cheap and come in a lot of colors.

Finally, I cut all of the runners to size and I made the seams using the iron-on seaming called Stitch Witchery. It holds very, very well and is much easier than actually sewing. This project took my Mom and I three to four hours to complete but the runners turned out great and they really added a pop of color to the decor at our reception!


The OOT boxes get their own section because they were one of my favorite projects! I designed this skyline image after a Chicago knottie's version of the Chicago skyline and I just love it. I bought the gable boxes from www.buygiftwrap.com - the nice thing about this site is that, though the prices are a little higher, they allow you to buy the boxes individually so there is no 100 minumum!

A little closer up of the tag.

Here is a screen shot of the design.

All of the boxes in a row, ready to be delivered!

Here are all of the goodies we put in the boxes. Rather than doing a themed box, we decided to keep it simple and practical with: Columbus maps, maps of the nearby shopping area, water bottles, Quaker granola bars, Sun Chips, Doritos, M&Ms, trail mix and Bayer asprin.

Here is a map of Columbus and a Columbus tourist guide in each box from the Columbus tourism bureau "Experience Columbus." They give away free brochures and maps if you email them in advance and tell them how many you need: www.experiencecolumbus.com.

All of out OOT guests stayed at hotels in or around the Easton outdoor shopping mall area so we also included Easton maps and coupons. If you contact them in advance, they're put together a free "order" for you with bulk maps and coupons.


 This is my wedding dress - Piccione Bridal #386! I actually found it in the The Knot's dress galleries the week after I joined the knot a few months before we got engaged (let's be honest, I knew it was coming, haha) and I just fell in love with it in this picture. Once I tried it on, I was sold and though I tried on a million other dressed "just to be sure" nothing ever compared.

Here is the front of the dress.

Me in my dress! Don't mind my disgusting-ness in these pictures. The day I finished the Bar Exam, my Mom surprised me by driving up to Columbus with my dress, which had just arrived at my parents' house a few days earlier. I guess this is what you look like after writing legal essays for 3 days straight! :)

Full body shot without crinoline.

Close-up shot of the pearl, rhinestone and crystal detailing.

The back of the dress - my favorite part!

Back shot showing off my DIY veil (instructions below).

In the pictures above of me in my dress, you can see the DIY veil that my Mom and I made. The picture directly above is me in the $300 veil that served as my inspiration for my DIY veil. I was about to buy it right there when my super-crafty Mom said "I just can't let you spend $300 on something that was can make for $50." Well... below are the DIY instructions based on what my Mom and I did. I can honestly tell you that my Mom was 100% correct - my DIY was just as fabulous as the $300 in the store and it actually cost just $25!

Here is another shot of my "inspiration" veil though we ultimately decided that we wanted my veil to be a little longer in the front.

DIY Chapel Length Drop Veil Instructions

INSTRUCTIONS: My Mom and I made my veil and did not use a pattern, but instead used our instincts and craftiness to guide us through the process :) My veil was a one-layer chapel length drop veil that had a blusher that hung in my face and stopped at about my chest. To begin, we first measured me with a tape measure to see how long the veil would need to be and therefore, the amount of tulle we would need (obviously this measure will completely vary depending on your height, the length of veil you want and the length of blusher you want). For info on the different styles and lengths of veils, check out Veil Shop - they are also a great resource for affordable veils if you aren't into DIY.

We then bought about 4 yards of bridal illusion tulle from JoAnns to allow for some error and I believe it was around $20. I also bought a 4" metal comb from JoAnns for my veil that was about $5. Though I wanted the sheer look of a drop veil, to make it easier to secure to my hair, I wanted it to be attched to a comb (drop veils are usually pinned into your hair with a hat pin).

We then laid the length of tulle on the bed and cut the exact length we would need - we left the width as is because it was somewhere around 40" and we determined that would look about right. After cutting the length, we simply rounded the edges so the piece of tulle was no longer a long rectangle, butmore of an oblong oval (this took some trial and error - trying it on, laying it back on bed and rounding more, trying it on, laying it back on bed and rounding more). When we had the shape we wanted, we determined where the comb needed to go, made sure it was centered and sewed it on - with no bunching/gathering of course because I didn't want any poof or fullness. However, it would have been fairly easy to gather the tulle for a more full look. The trick to this DIY project was to constantly try on the veil - you need to keep putting it on to make sure it hangs the way you want, it hits the right place, everything is centered, etc. My veil turned out gorgeous and I promise you no one knew we made it ourselves for about $25!

Adding Rhinestones to a Veil

I used Swarovski "flatback" rhinestones (see link below) to add a little sparkle to my veil. There are tons of different manufacturers of rhinestones, but there really is a huge difference between the Swarovski ones and other rhinestones so I highly recommend getting Swarovski. They are the best quality and have have much more sparkle. I used the 3mm size because the smaller the rhinestone, the more subtle the sparkle, which looks better in my opinion. I think larger rhinestones look a little gaudy and also makes a veil look more homemade. To add the rhinestones to your veil, put a tiny dot of glue on the back of one rhinestons (GS Hypo Cement is a perfect for this because it's a needle nose tip - see link below). Then take the rhinestone with glue and place it where you want it on the veil. Add another rhinestone to the other side of the veil, matching it up perfectly with the back of the glued rhinestone so that the two rhinestones make a little rhinestone sandwich with the veil in between. That will make it so that there is no "backside" where you can see the glue and you'll see the sparkle of the rhinestone whether your veil is over your face and flipped back. I believe I added about 16 rhinestones to my veil. I only put them on the part of the veil that would hang in fron of my face and they were pretty spaced out so the sparkle was very subtle. How many rhinestones you add is completely up to you depending on how condensed you want them to look and how far you want them to go down on your veil.

Here are links to the Swarovski rhinestones and glue. I use this website, Jewelry Supply, all the time and love it:

3mm Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones

GS Hypo Cement Glue


My wedding day earrings. I just happen to stumble across these at Steinmart for $15 and they were exactly what I wanted.

The faux fur wrap I bought on Ebay from selle Spazooie for about $30. October may not be quite cold enough for fur, but I don't care because I love it! I wil be closing it with a red vintage crystal brooch that passed down to me from my Dad's mom who passed away before I was born. It's gorgeous and meaningful :)

My shoes - they are designer Blue Tux "Cece" and I bought them from www.shoebuy.com. Shoe Buy always has coupon codes, so Google for their codes before you buy.

This is my inspiration for my hair. I am a "hair down" kind of girl, so I really don't want my hair to be all up for the wedding; however, I also don't want it to be in my way and look disheveled and flat by the end of the night, so I'm compromising with a half-up style. I'm a little worried because I think many half-up styles look very casual but I love this one because it has a glamorous element.

I love Jessica's make-up in this picture with the slight dramatic eyes and I plan to have my makeup done very similar for the wedding. I think this will work great on me because Jessica and I have very similar coloring.

FI and all of the GMs will be wearing all-black tuxes. Both FI and I hate, hate the idea of colored vests and FI decided this was a cool, modern twist on the classic black and white tuxedo. And for those of you skeptics, no, FI does not look like like Johnny Cash in it :)

This is the BM dress - Watters & Watters #9460 in Dupioni Silk. The dress will be this exact color EXECPT our dresses will be floor length instead of tea length.

Back of the BM dress.

This is my MOH Katy in the dress - she would kill me if she knew I put this picture on the internet!

Another shot, once again making a funny face :)

Me and my MOH Katy in our dresses together. My dress isn't laced in the back and I'm holding it up!

Here is my FSIL Linsey in the dress. The coloring is weird here, so no, the dress isn't really orange.

These are the earrings I made for my BMs. They are made with Swarovski pearls, Swarovski rhinestones and sterling silver.

I am a little worried about it being chilly for our October wedding, so I bought these cashmere pashminas in chocolate brown for all of my BMs from www.amazingcollections.com. This company was really wonderful to work with and the lady, Ruth, allowed me to order multilple colors and then return the ones I didn't want. They carry both cashmere and a less expensive "viscose" pashminas and both are really high quality.

I also got each of my BMs Old Navy flip flops just to make sure their feet have something comfy to wear at the reception.

This is our FG dress that was about $50 at www.mygirldress.com. I am very anti-white poofy FG dresses, so when I saw this dress in the exact same fabric as the BM dresses I was ecstatic! And fortunately, the row of red flowers is a pin, so it easily comes off. The dress was great quality and arrived in less than a week.

Also worried about my FG being cold on our wedding day, I bought her this little fur wrap. I was worried it would look a little too "rustic" because of it's color but it actually looks great with the FG dress.


Here is the invitation for my "Garden Gala" bridal shower thrown by my MOH and my Mom. MY MOm and MOH got together and made these from scratch with scrapbooking paper and they are seriously awesome!

This is what the invitation looked like closed with it's translucent envelope and cute return address labels :)

My Mom and I at my shower. It was at a gazebo in a beautiful park in my hometown. All the guest wore sun dresses and hats and it was such an incredible day!

My Dad and I at my shower - he loves his Hawaiian shirts!

My MOH Katy, me and one of my best friends from high school, Louella - she's getting married 2 weeks before us!

My other MOH Leslie and BM Katie.

My FSIL Linsey and me in our fun hats!

FSIL, FI and FMIL at the shower - both FSIL and FMIL drove all the way from Tennessee to Ohio just to be at the shower. I love them :)

My brothers (Nathan and Ben) and I at the shower - my brothers and Dad are really important to me, so along with FI, they were the only guys at the shower (and yes, they have the same ridiculous faux-hawk)

My brothers with FI - my older brother Ben (right) insisted on a "brothers" shot :)

The table set ups at the shower - my Mom brought in real glassware and brass flatware! She truly out did herself - it was such a beautiful event.

Here are the mini-cakes that my Mom and Grandma made for each guest in lieu of a single traditional cake. They were so cute and sooo yummy. To give you perspective, they were only about 5 inches tall. I can only imagine how long it took to bake and ice each little individual layer! They were my absolute favorite part of the shower!

And finally, each guest received a decorated wedding cake sugar cookie at their place setting as a favor. Also beautiful and homemade by my Mom, MOH Katy and Grandma.