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  • Housekeeping or housecleaning is the systematic process of making a home neat and clean in approximately that order. This may be applied more broadly than just to an individual home, or as a metaphor for a similar "clean up" process applied elsewhere such as a procedural reform.
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house cleaning games online - The Sims
The Sims Livin' Large Expansion Pack
The Sims Livin' Large Expansion Pack
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Sex and aliens. That's really all that was missing from the amazing original edition of The Sims, and the expansion Livin' Large delivers these new treats to liven up your beloved Sims existence.
New characters (including a gladiator and Xena-like warriors), and, more impressively, new decorations are the reasons to buy this game. The furnishings are mostly grouped by theme, with the medieval dungeon option the most authoritative of the bunch. (Little Cassandra Goth has been longing to read by torch light all along.)
Our personal favorite is the futuristic theme, with an optional, but expensive, maid/gardener robot to take care of the fabulous modern furnishings. Clearly the Sims team has been doing its research over at Herman Miller, and you'll have a bright red, flowing-foam sofa to show for it.
But it wouldn't be The Sims if only good taste prevailed. Bring on the mai tais with a tiki-heavy islander theme. There's also a startling collection of carpeting and objects best grouped under the design ideal we call "demented clown."
The attention-getting rarities include: a lame fortune-telling ball (our advice mostly centered around hiring a maid), a voodoo doll for hexing roommates, and a genie who delivers as much bad as good (dead plants, anyone?). And, yes, there's a vibrating bed to give your Sims the spice they've been missing.
While the expansion didn't blow us away, it did provide more of the humor and novelty true Sims die-hards will appreciate. With even more attention to detail than the original offering, EA deserves Sims-like applause for this edition. --Jennifer Buckendorff

The Sims has sold millions of copies since its release, and now all those virtual voyeurs who bought it have a new bag of tricks to unleash on the unsuspecting inhabitants of their computers. The Livin' Large expansion pack comes with enough new items to buy, careers to pursue, and hilarious secrets to keep fans glued to their monitors until a full-fledged sequel appears.
Those of you who missed the phenomenon the first time around will have to buy a copy of the original game in order to use this add-on, but it's worth it. The Sims lets you create an entire neighborhood of digital people who all have their own unique personalities, jobs, relationships, and desires. Livin' Large takes this concept to new extremes, adding mad scientists, magical genies, and even the Grim Reaper to the mix. It also comes with more than 100 new objects to enhance your sims' dwellings. One desperately needed object is the robot maid, who handles all the housework for well-heeled sims, letting its owners focus on more important (and fun) things--such as the new vibra-bed.
Considering how many free objects and cool unofficial patches are available on the Internet, is Livin' Large worth the money? Definitely. The enhancements are of professional quality and really add a lot of surreal fun to the game. You also get new features, such as the ability to run five neighborhoods at the same time, and five fun new career paths to explore, such as Slacker and Musician. No fan of The Sims should miss this one. --T. Byrl Baker
Plenty of new items to buy and career paths to explore
The ability to run 5 neighborhoods at once will keep you busy
Much more humorous than the original release
Some fans may not like the more surreal additions

The world of The Sims just got larger. With the Livin' Large Expansion, you'll be able to give your little humans five new career paths (including slacker and journalist), new objects (could that lantern hold a genie?), and new decors (how does Vegas lounge grab ya?). More than just cosmetic additions, there is also an assortment of new situations for your Sims to deal with. Without spoiling too much, let's just say you're going to want the name of a good Sim exterminator.

89% (17)
Sue Brown
Sue Brown
Sue is a PhD (criminology) student living in east Vancouver and one of eight tenants of a large shared house who have received eviction notices in advance of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. The landlady's reason for the eviction was that she and her family had planned to move into the house herself. An online ad was found by another tenant who noticed the rent had been raised considerably. The landlady was "kind enough" to allow the tenants to move back in after the Olympic Games. Understandbly, Ms. Brown has no desire to live there once the current semester ends when she'll leave the province for Ontario. She has looked, but locating a clean, safe and affordable place in Vancouver is next to impossible for many students thanks to Premier Gordon Campbell and his Liberal government which refuses to close landlord-friendly loopholes in the residential tenancy legislation. Who knows? The Provincial court may even find this landlady innocent of any wrongdoing and reward her damages for the treatment she's endured as a result of the tenants calling on the media. It wouldn't surprise me if they tried. The Blackbird speaks for many in wishing you well, Sue. We hope you won't lose faith in Vancouver entirely. A lot of people here do care.
{32|365} Nita's Nouns
{32|365} Nita's Nouns
Today is the beginning of February & my first assignment from my online class “For the Joy of Love”. Every day this month, there is a project photo and this is number one. {Take a photo of a loved one, doing what they do best} Today’s photo is of Ruben, doing his version of what he does best {Playing Video games} and my then version. Recently and ONLY recently, I felt it was time to put the boy to work. He now lives on a tight schedule and does chores around the house and facility, homework and reads every single day. For a minute it was just a punishment, until he brings up his grades but instead, I think I will keep him busy, like my mom did for us. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t know the first thing about keeping my house clean, cooking or anything else domestic for that matter. Now that I’m older, I thank my mom for showing me all that she did and I only hope that Ruben can thank me when he’s my age.

house cleaning games online
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