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Get My House Clean

get my house clean
    house clean
  • Housekeeping or housecleaning is the systematic process of making a home neat and clean in approximately that order. This may be applied more broadly than just to an individual home, or as a metaphor for a similar "clean up" process applied elsewhere such as a procedural reform.

sky day 13
sky day 13
in the exciting return to school, i do not remember to take a photo during the day because i am too busy getting hugged and being told that i look so pretty and being immersed in conversation with dozens of beautiful peoples and spend time in literally a hundred positions with a thousand people, thus the first night shot of sky project is produced. i love being back here, i love being in my house with anna. i hugged her SO hard when i first saw her, so long that everyone else in the room started shouting, hey, can i have a hug too? when am i going to get one? and then laughing because i still didn't let go. i do not believe in god just yet but i believe in power that is so pure and so genuine that it might as well be divine, and that is what anna is made of, that is what her spirit and heart is made of. i hug jackson, matthew, julian and keli for a long time, then nate and bill and mike and stephani and aneeb. my housemates full of all of us and our neighbors, noreen comes over, they all like her and we sit in the living room talking and catching up for several hours. i missed you all, i hear funny stories about skiiing in vermont, intense volunteer work in the dominican republic, almost getting arrested, being lonely and being in love just a hair and sitting in a half a dozen thrift store armchairs. the house is clean as can be as we left it, with anna's tapestries and wall hangings, my polaroids on the refridgerator and stephani's groceries in the cupboards, matt's basketball on the kitchen table, his math homework finally not spread out next to it. i'm in love with this place, plastic army soldiers scattered in hidden places throughout the bathroom and hallway, littering the living room. they make this place home, the people in here make this place a home. julian talks about love and about falling out of it and fucking up and being sorry, fucking up and not being sorry cause they deserved it, (he's so much stronger than the last time i saw him, in spirit and in body!) i feel at home again, i feel at home in this goofy house full of silly movie posters and an xbox and eight people plus two honoraries who KNOW about all the shit that is going on in my life and whose life i KNOW about all the shit that is happening i do not have to tell them the whole story because they're already caught up they know the details they know the kisses, they know about the people who've kissed me at random over the past month and the people i do not kiss anymore and i know about the illnesses in their extended families, the people they want to kiss and haven't had the guts to yet, the recipes they've brought back to our warm little house on beall avenue and i notice every time they get their hair cut or they have a new sweater or they are feeling blue we are makeshift family we are here for each other we are not alike at all, none of us are alike in almost any way we all like different things different politics different home states, home countries different religions, if any but we can sit down and have a rational discussion we can sit down and truly mean it when we say i missed you
completely silent and alone 65/ 365
completely silent and alone 65/ 365
there are no children at my house this morning. my house is clean (as clean as it ever gets.) i woke up at 9:15. i showered alone in silence. made my coffee in silence. took my photo of the day in silence. i haven't even turned any music on this morning. i am completely alone and silent. it's a very weird feeling... though I know it's only going to last for about one more hour... when I go pick the kids up :) there was a time when this would have felt weird to me..... but my kids are bigger now and I know they are safe. I miss them, but i know they are near. when you're completely alone and silent you have to listen to yourself.... and be motivated by yourself. which can be uncomfortable... for me at least. but i'm okay with that right now. .. with listening to my own thoughts. with trying to figure them out and understand what they mean. trying to decide what my own mind thinks. to let myself sit with the thought that i can't know how to solve the problems in my own mind. i'm trying to let my mind tell me who i am i guess..... .... i'm listening..... but it's very silent ;)

get my house clean
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