Chimera Workshops


You have probably arrived here because you expressed  an interest in a workshop, lecture or historical fashion show. There are a lot of options available, but a few of the most popular are listed below.


Can be period related:- Medieval, Tudor, ECW, Georgian, Regency, Victorian, etc.

Object related:- Headwear, Underpinnings, Corsetry, 'Problem solving' or both the above. 'Tudor ruffs' for example.

Lectures and Talks

Could be almost any subject, and in as great a detail as you wish. Suitable for small numbers or large conventions!

Fashion Shows

Timeline fashion shows, featuring perhaps, characters from history. In the past we have had themes including 'Lethal Beauty' & 'Noble Passions'. Our fashion shows can include character interaction and are quite different to the normal catwalk productions.

Please ring us on +44 (0)1302 562875 to discuss your requirements or you can e-mail to:-


Victorian Workshop, Askern

'Fashion Forensics'

It has long been an ambition of Ginis' to let others see what she is privileged to investigate. In her work, a lot of access is granted to 'touch and handle' extant garments in the archives of museums and it does seem a shame not to let others see them. We have an idea of making videos of some of the initial inspections, which will show the materials, structure, construction, previous conservation, alterations - almost the C.S.I of clothing!
There is a possibility with interesting pieces, to do this as a live show for small to medium size audiences.

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