April 21 - 22, 2020

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Arising from our origins as a family of handbell choirs, our mission is to engage people in the joy and sense of community that music fosters through participation and performance.

So our handbell concerts are interactive and include a time for our audience and supporters to chime in through interactive Q&A sessions, audience participation with voices and instruments, and the after-concert petting zoo to sample all the instruments.

Our home base is Bethlehem, CT, but we share our handbell music at a diversity of settings and venues, near and far, throughout the year. From Main Stage at the Bethlehem Fair to the New Haven International Festival of Arts & Ideas to Carnegie Hall to local nursing homes, from collaborative concerts with choral and orchestral groups to hosting local choirs and community musicians for an annual Ring & Sing Community Music Day, we are passionate about making and sharing our music to build community.

What will your contribution do?

  • Help our music programs continue to grow adding new choirs for children.

  • Help build a sustainable future for Chime In!