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Chimes for Chiming In!

When we invite people to Chime In!
we literally hand them chimes!

As our audiences grow and our participants increase in number, we need ever more chimes to hand out.

In 2014, we started a campaign to add a second set of three octaves of chimes to our collection. Thomsaton Savings Bank Foundation helped us kick off the project with a grant of $750.

Thank you to all who contributed to this project. We are using the new three-octave set regularly.

Our invitation's in our name: Chime In!

 Creating  music
for everyone
in a room
to play altogether
is an exciting

How do you get people who have never played a chime to ring at the right time, for the right duration?

How do you take a few simple chords and build them into a piece complex enough to create a sound that excites?

Recently, I took a few tidbits from a major work to be performed at our Ring In the New Year: Dinner and Bells event, and created a participation piece for 170 people to play altogether. Chimes, bells, boomwhackers, claves, drums, shakers, and more. It sounded great! and when we played the complete work, the audience recognized it!

Chiming In creates engaged participants rather than passive listeners.