"Look at that suspicious-looking man."

First, a list of awesome characters:

The guys are awesome because they sneak around and do rad stuff.

You can do this too when you geocache.

Geocaching is like doing treasure hunting with a GPS. Except usually the treasure you find is a film canister with a piece of papaer that you sign your name to, or a sticker or something.

Once you have a GPS you log onto and search for caches around your area. You enter their coordinates (latitude and longitude) into your GPS and go looking for them.

For example, there's one a block north of me located in the La Brea Tar Pits. It's a small Altoids tin painted rust red to blend in with a metal bridge in the park. The tin has a magnet in it so it's hidden along this bridge that people walk across every day. Once I found the cache's coordinates on the website, I just let my GPS take me there. When I found it I signed the log and added another cache to my growing count.

You have to be sneaky like Jason Bourne or Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell) and extract these things without being noticed. Otherwise people freak out and jack the caches once you leave because they don't know what the heck you're doing.

I was in Palm Springs over the weekend and found some along the trails above Bob Hope's house, too.

I've hidden little "caches" throughout my little site here. Enjoy.