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With the advent of Intel Macs and applications like Virtual PC, Boot Camp and Parallels you can really use any application out there by booting up Windows on your Mac. I don't have any of those and therefore have no experience with those "other" apps. And since most people use Windows, I'm sure there are a lot more resources out there for those people.

So I won't talk about them. These are Mac-native apps.

  • FlightTrack- Don't bother. Geared more towards pilots.
  • GeoJournalIt works great with my eXplorist and allows for file conversions and file transfers to both GPS and PDA. It has an itinerary planner for your geocaching outings so you can see which order you should visit given geocaches. Use built-in Google Maps to locate your geocache. Export to Google Earth is built in. After you find a geocache, log it in GeoJournal, write down your experience, and import the photos you took so you can show them to admirers! It can also automatically download your Pocket Queries straight from your email box and import them into the database. This thing is seriously awesome. Even if I owned a PC I would still use this thing. My current method! And I highly recommend it! There are two downsides: it's not free, it costs $25, but there's a free trial version. Second, development on this app seems very slow. I haven't heard from Rich, the creator, in months and months.
  • GeoToad - Tiny app that is supposed to speed up the searching for and uploading to your GPSr those desired geocaches. It logs in for you, conducts the search for you (configurable by you, of course), and then downloads the caches as one .gpx file. I believe the use of this app is against Terms of Service, because it crawls the website, so be aware. UPDATE: I recently (as of December 2007) tried using GeoToad and it fails to work because of the enhancements to So don't bother.
  • Google Earth- Your digital, geocaching, tropy room. Reads .loc, .gpx, .kml, .kmz.
  • GPSBabel+ - For both converting file types and transferring files to and from your eXplorist. It works behind the scenes as the backbone for a handful of very popular apps, including Google Earth and GSAK. This thing is amazing. Great tech support! Use version 1.3.2 instead of 1.3.3 - I can't get 1.3.3 to work right! Please send donations, and specify that you are a Mac user. This app deserves it!
  • LoadMyTracks - Upload .gpx files to your eXplorist 500 and they show up in your Geocaches folder. Upload .upt for Waypoints to show up in Default POI File (where they need to go). All it does is transfer geocaches to your unit. No ifs, ands, or buts about that (which is either good or bad for you). Downloading to your Mac is very picky (in version 043) - make sure the only thing in Internal Memory\My POIS is the Default POIs File file. Very satisfying Growl messaging. Great tech support.
  • MacCaching -  The idea is like iTunes for your GPSr and geocaches, including syncing with your iPod for paperless geocaching. The app organizes your geocaches, converts .loc to .gpx, etc, but doesn't works with waypoints (.upt). It's user interface is quite... unappealing. It's under constant development (which is awesome, unlike Geojournal) and the forums are fairly active, but it's not free ($15). Due to the lack of features, the technical issues I've had with the app and the ugly interface, I use GeoJournal instead.
  • MacGPSPro - Ugliest site but he says he has a lot to offer. It's $50 so I've never tried it. In response to a question I asked him about uploading/downloading with the 500, he replied, "The eXplorist works a little differently than most GPS receivers in that it has a file system which shows up on the Mac as though you had plugged in a USB external flash drive. Rather than transferring waypoints, etc. over a NMEA link, you save them as a file in the Magellan eXporist file format. That file must be saved in specific folder in the eXplorist file system. MacGPS Pro will create these files." If it doesn't use .upt I won't even consider this one.
  • Mac SimpleGPS - Screenshots look great, but when I tried it (they suggest Magellan people use version 1.4 instead of 1.7b) it didn't recognize my eXplorist 500 even when attempting to link via NMEA. Also, it looks like it only works using .gpx which means no POI file system. I'm waiting to hear back from Tech Support (18 Jan).
  • Terrabrowser - It says it should work with Magellan but is geared more towards Garmin GPSrs. View geocaches and waypoints on a map. The only reason I might use this over Google Earth is because this supports NMEA which would allow you to track - live - your position on the map when your GPSr is hooked up to your Mac. 








My highest recommendation and current solution!