Red Chile Gamasio

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This was my French fry spice at my restaurant, The Four Winds. A traditional Japanese recipe with a New Mexican twist for a great east-meets-west, multi-use seasoning.
The salt you use is important. My standard mix is 1/3 Hawaiian, 1/3 Brittany and 1/3 Himalayan. By using a combination of sea, glacial, and hand-mined salts you get a wider spectrum of essential elements and minerals. Also it has a more balanced flavor.

Begin by toasting your sesame seeds slowly in a sauté pan, stirring every 20
seconds or so; remove from heat and cool completely then grind them to a fine powder using an electric coffee grinder. I grind small batches at a time as it
does clump quite a bit.  

Combine all ingredients together and mix in a food processor or run through a sifter to remove the clumps.

Have fun experimenting with this spicy seasoning!

I like to keep a small covered bowl with a spoon on the dining table at all times.

ENJOY!       Chef Jason Blum

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