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Chimayo Chile
Authentic  Powdered Red Chile From Chimayo! This is Red Chili like you have never tasted before! 
Chimayo Red Chile - 3 oz. or 1 lb. size!
Hatch is world-famous for its delicious chili! Make a sauce out of this powdered red and enjoy it on your favorite New Mexican dishes!
Hatch Red Chili - 3 oz. or 1 lb. size!

A little harder to produce, the unique flavor of Powdered Green Chili is worth the trouble. Adds flavor and thickens your stews, soups or salsas! Make it into  a sauce or sprinkle it on your eggs, meat or vegetables, for a spicy treat!
Hatch Green Chili Powder -  3 oz. or 1 lb size!

Crushed Hatch, New Mexico Red Chili! This is much like the crushed chili you put on your pizza, but way more delicious!  Try it in your Posole or use it in your marinades and rubs. Get some now!
 Crushed Chili Caribe - 3 oz. or 1 lb. size!
This is what Hatch Powdered Chili is made from! Grind then up yourself, cook them whole or use them to decorate!  We like to re-hydrate them whole in our Posole and then suck the delicious chili-meat out of the skins!
Hatch Red Chili Pods - 1 lb. size!

1 lb. - $19.84
Chile Ristras
 make beautiful decorations for your porch or living room! Each one is hand-made so item may not look exactly as pictured.

1 Foot Ristra - $43.00

Real New Mexico Posole! Just corn and lime. See our recipe page for preparation instructions.
New Mexico Posole - 8 oz.

Posole 8 oz. - $8.78
This is the famous Blue Corn Flour that you love! Finely ground and toasted so you can make Atole! Enjoy it warm, as a porridge-style drink sweetened with sugar and thinned with milk!
Blue Corn Flour (Harina Para Atole) - 15 oz. size!
Blue Corn Flour 1 lb. - $15.50
 It is said that Native American elders would drink Atole for energy; if a mother was nursing she drank it for more milk. Blue Corn is rich in anti-oxidants which aren't found in regular corn!

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