Run Training

When: Saturdays @ 9:30 am
Where: Chesham Open Air Pool
We have a saturday morning run session which starts at 9.30am form the open air car park. We alternate between two different cross country routes which are shown below. The sessions cater for all abilities and all distances and you can do anywhere from 100m to 100Km!
Feel free to join us for coffee at Costa or Neros in Chesham after the run!
Route 1: Short Hills
This is a set of three different loops that all meet up at the same point. 1 Set is 2km and we normally do between 2 and 5 sets but there is the option to just do one loop or part of a loop.

Route 2: Long Hills
This is a 1Km hill that is quite a gentle incline up to the top. We break it down into 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m and 1km. (1 of each is equal to 5km). Again, any range of distances can be run and any speed is catered for.



Both Routes can cater for complete novices to elite runners!

Aquathlon Route Time Trials
We run a 2.5, 5  or 10km time trial on the Chiltern International Aquathlon route on a monthly basis which is a great opportunity to try out the course before the race and monitor progress over the winter season. Check out our Facebook page for the next date.
These start at 9.00 am and we will jog the course before starting the time trial!