Bike Training

Due to our small numbers and different, rides are organised on an informal basis. Any rides such as Duathlon training and hill reps will be put on our facebook page
 we are looking for a Cycling Co-ordinator who can set up routes on more regular basis. This role would not involve huge amounts of work but set up at least one ride a month that would be suitable for all abilities.
If you are interested in taking up this role or would like more information, please contact Matt (

Cycling etiquette

When riding in a group, it's important to be aware of the rules of the road and other road users, in particular the people you are riding with. Below are some general rules of etiquette for when you are riding in a big group: 

1. Be Predictable - This may be the most important rule (even for solo riding) and it involves every aspect of riding from changing positions in the group to following the traffic rules 

2. Don’t Overlap Wheels - You can’t react to obstacles in the road and you are likely to bring everyone behind you down as well. Major crash. 

3. Be Steady - Keep a steady pace and line, avoid wandering across the road. 

4. Announce Hazards 

5. Communicate – Riders at the back do not have as much visibility as the lead riders. 
6. Signal - Let traffic know what you are doing.

7. Stay off aero bars – You have less control on the aero bars so stay off them unless you are at the front.

8. Don’t leave stragglers – Ride at the slowest persons pace.