Android Application Privacy Policy

  1. Our policy is not to collect or store any personal information about the users of our Android Applications.
  2. Our Applications do not collect and send any personal information to us.
  3. Our "free to use" Applications may display advertising. Our applications link to the third party advertising services, using their application interface. The collection and use of personal data by the advertising service is covered by their privacy policy.  Our Applications link with the advertising services making use of a minimal interface that permits the display of the advertising and targeting based on the device's location. This helps avoid irrelevant adverts being served to our app users. 
  4. Our Applications do not provide any of your personal information to the advertising service (e.g. we do not tell the advertiser anything about you, except the device location). Our applications include access permissions (e.g. internet access and device location) in order to display and target the advertising. 
  5. We have access to limited anonymous statistical information about the use of our Applications from Google Play and the advertising services.
  6. We may store and use for business purposes any information that is received by email, etc. We will manage this information in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act and UK law.