Our Leaders

Pastor Tom Reed
The Rev. Thomas Reed 
is our Pastor.  Pastor Reed grew up in Etowah, where both his parents were public educators.  He has served congregations throughout Holston Conference for 38 years.  Pastor Reed has some family ties to the area.  His mother's father was born in Murphy, NC and his father was born in Coker Creek, TN.

Pastor Reed says: "Life is good, always worth the living, a gift from GOD and a celebration of GOD's great love for all.  Don't believe me? Just ask Jesus."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Pastor Emeritus Jennings Neeld
Pastor Emeritus Neeld retired from the Florida Conference of The United Methodist Church.  He has found a new church home at  Copperhill UMC.

Pastor Neeld says: "Here each one is welcomed as a child of God.  We extend the hand of fellowship to all.  Come and we shall worship and praise God together." 

Youth Director Todd and his family
Youth Director Todd Geren

Todd Geren hails from Ducktown, TN and is a graduate of Copper Basin High
School. He is an English teacher at Pickens County High School in
Jasper, GA and the sponsor of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  He
currently lives in Blue Ridge with his wife, Beth,  his daughter
Hannah, and his son Christian. 

Todd says:  C.S. Lewis once wrote – “If we only have the will to walk,
then God is pleased with our stumbles.”  Here at FUMC of Copperhill,
especially with our youth group, we welcome those who come stumbling in. 
We fall so that we may learn to pick ourselves up.  May God Bless and Keep You!

Lay Leader – Dennis Mixon     
His responsibilities include representing the congregation at various meetings, working closely with the pastor and all committees, and generally knowing what's going on in the congregation.  This is a very important position.  If you want to know more about the congregation, or if you have questions, do contact him.

Carolyn Smith -  Choir Director
Carolyn leads the choir, as any director does.  But she also teaches the congregation about music, about hymns old and new.  Anyone who has been in the choir knows her love for music, for musicians, for God.  By the way, she is always looking for new choir members.  

Jerrie Sue Massengale - Accompanist
She plays for services at the local Catholic Church, then she plays for services at First UMC.  More than one person has noted that her preludes and postludes are as inspiring as a spoken sermon.  Come and hear for yourself.

Garry Day - Chair of the Church Council  
arry's  responsibilities include leading the church council (the administrative group of the local church) and working closely with the pastor, lay leader and others to fulfill our mission of "making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."  All facets of the congregation are represented on the council.

Christine Dowlin - Custodian
She's the one keeping every room of the church sparkling clean.  She's the one who sees that supplies are where expected, tables and chairs are set for the next event -- thank God for people like Christine who work quietly in the background, doing such important jobs.

Heidi Rule  - Secretary
Heidi is the voice on the telephone, the pastor's right hand, the first person you meet,should you stop by the church on a weekday.  She is responsible for preparing bulletins and newsletters, and generally keeping the business of the church running smoothly.