Mission Notes

My Child by David Bowman
Our Current Local Emphasis: Children in Poverty
No child should go to bed hungry.  No child should decide to commit suicide because he or she thinks no one cares.  No child should be denied a good education.  Yet some children in our area have experienced this--and more.  

You Can Help Us Change This Now:
Volunteer to read to children at Copper Basin Elementary school.
Keep bringing basic food to church to be given to hungry, desperate families.
Bring people to church on Monday nights for a community meal.
Volunteer to help serve and clean up at community meals.
Teach an adult to read.  
Help a young person to read better, to write better.
Bring a neighbor to church.  Watch this page for more details coming soon.
Thank you, David Bowman 
 for permission
for 1-time use of "My Child" 

Missions Project Helps  West Africa
One of our projects is Ganta Hospital in Ebola-stricken Liberia.  The medical work in Ganta was begun in 1926 by medical missionaries.  It has grown into a "full-fledged acute care referral hospital" serving over 100 local communities.  It has been overwhelmed by the recent Ebola outbreak, as were government agencies, too.  But they have adapted as best they can.  In September, 2014, what had been the hospital's Eve and Fistula Clinics became a holding center for suspected Ebola patients.  The two buildings first were refurbished by AML, a steel and mining company.  You can donate to Ganta Hospital by writing a check to FUMC and writing Ganta on the memo line.  You can also donate online, through UMCOR Advance.  The hospital is Advance #15080N.   

Ishe Anesu: Zimbabwe 
Bill and Maria Humbane, Zimbabwe

For quite a few years, now, our congregation and Bill and Maria Humbane's  ISHE ANESU project have been connected.  

The project was begun by Maria in 1998, for underprivileged children.  She started with 15 kids between 7 and 12 years old.  And oh how the Lord has blessed this ministry!  If you click on their photo you can learn a lot more about the Humbanes' work.