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 Worship - 11 a.m., Youth - 5 p.m.
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AA Meeting - 6 p.m.

Emergency Help & Prayers Needed by Sudanese

On Oct. 9 a conference-wide special offering will be taken to aid people caught in the horrible fighting in South Sudan.  Funds are needed for many emergency causes, including to provide a temporary "safe place" in Uganda for children who escaped from 2 UMC-supported children's homes in South Sudan.  United Methodist missionary Fred Dearing reports that "There is no food or medicine coming into the country and we are looking at massive famine.  And the fighting continues."
"Those who will suffer the most are the poorest, especially women and children," the Archbishop of Canterbury recently said.  "Those who pursue violence will face the judgement of God in answer to the cries of the souls of those whose death they have caused.  They [who are fighting so violently] can still turn back: with our voices and our prayers to Jesus the Prince of Peace, let us call on them to do so."
Refugee family in S Sudan
As Pastor Tom reminded us in our October newsletter, "God's love won't walk away...and neither will we."

Here are some links with additional information about what United Methodists can do to help our Sudanese brothers and sisters:

Congregation Prepares for Fall Outreach, Faith-Sharing 

Here are some upcoming activities in which you can become involved as volunteers or donors:
  • Handing out candy to children during Copperhill community safe Halloween weekend event
  • Help prepare/serve community meals (Mondays 4:30 - 6)
  • Help prepare/serve community Thanksgiving meal 
  • Donate new and lightly-used coats or blankets for neighbors in need
  • Invite a friend or neighbor to church
  • Pray for those in need at home and around the world -- our enemies included
For more information about anything listed, please call the church office: 423-496-4931.

Click the 'Give Now' button to donate to this local congregation via direct debit or credit card.   THANKS for GIVING & SHARING!



Pray for our ChildrenJesus blessing a child

Thanks to David Bowman, davidbowmanart.com, for permission to use his beautiful artwork.  

Children everywhere need prayer, as well as our loving guidance.  Please pray especially now for the children trapped in war zones, especially those in the Middle East, Sudan, and South Sudan.

Collecting Now for Halloween Weekend & Copper Basin Schools

Please bring individually-wrapped candy to church between now and Oct. 23.  It will be given out at the Copperhill "safe Halloween" event.

Collections for all Copperhill schools continues.  Boxes for all causes are available now and on Sundays.

Congregation Sends 29 Food Buckets to Liberia

Thank you to everyone who helped collect food and pack and seal buckets going to help people in Liberia.  They have begun their arduous journey by truck and ship.

Food Stamps & Medical Info Available for TN
Polk County, TN residents can receive help with applications for TennCare, Food Stamps, and Health Insurance.  Drop in at the church office on Mondays, 11 am to 6 pm. Or call 423-496-4931 to make an appointment for Thursdays and Fridays, between 9 am and 11 am.  Get more info on our What's Happening page.  We are also looking for volunteers to help provide this service.