Carole's painting "Morning Paper" has just been accepted in the National Watercolor Society's
95th International Watercolor Exhibition








I’ve had a burning love affair with watercolors for over thirty years and the passion has never cooled nor the intensity ever lessened.  In fact, I am more in awe of the medium today than I was in the beginning.  The very basic character of watercolor is thrilling and beautiful in its purity and simplicity.  Water and color mixing on paper is amazing in its ability to please the eye and evoke emotion.  My goal is to find a way to make use of all of what watercolor is without losing its free-flowing, natural abilities

I want to paint powerful, passionate paintings.

It is my desire in the workshops I teach and demos I do to inspire artists to loosen up, put aside that “need” to make a perfect painting and just have fun discovering all the amazing things water media can do! New ideas?  Bring them on!