Tie Shoes Bad, Bad, Bad! - Alex Chiles

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Written by: Alex Chiles in sixth grade

       Never buy tie shoes in your life again. Tie shoes are a waste of both your money and time. For some people tie shoes aren’t even an option because they are incapable of tying them. You can even hurt yourself! After reading this paper, you will never buy tie shoes again in your lifetime.


If you buy tie shoes you will spend a lot of money. You will spend an estimate of $452 in your lifetime buying 166 pairs of shoelaces!  You need to buy new shoelaces for many reasons! Your cat might think it was a piece of string and chew it all up. Then you’d have a chewed up piece of string. Or, maybe they’d get lost or stolen. Sometimes you buy new shoelaces because the ones you have won’t stayed tied. Some people think the shape of your shoelace causes them to come untied more often than normal.  For all these reasons you need to buy a lot of shoelaces.


Let’s say twice a year you have to get new shoelaces. Each pair of shoelaces cost about $2.50. Let’s say you live to be 85, but when you are 1 and 2 years old you don’t wear shoes.  That’s a total of $415 for just buying shoelaces.  Then you add 9% tax and you get $452.


Your shoes not staying tied is a huge problem. You spend an estimated 973 hours in a lifetime just tying your shoes. You might have to tie them about 4 times a day, each time taking 30 seconds.  If you live to be 85, but you don’t tie your own shoes for the first 5 years. You will end up tying your shoes for 80 years which is 973 hours worth of time.  What a waste of time! 


            For many people time does not mater. Many people with disabilities can’t tie their own shoelaces. If you are under the age of five, you most likely do not know how to tie your shoes! A lot of children’s play toys aren’t alive, so who ties their shoes? You do. They toys should not have tie shoes. So many people have tie shoes that don’t know how or can’t tie their own shoes.


            Tie shoes are disasters waiting to happen. Your shoes could come untied and you’d trip and fall. You could get a severe injury. Another way you could hurt yourself is if your shoelaces would untie and get stuck in the escalator. Then the escalator would break and others would get hurt along with you. The last way is that your shoe laces would get tangled up in your bike chain. Your bike would come to a sudden stop and you’d fall off and maybe break your ankle. So tie shoes are super dangerous. DO NOT WEAR THEM!!!


            There are so many other options besides buying tie shoes. You could buy Velcro shoes. Velcro is easy to use and takes about 2-3 years to wear out. I don’t think you will ever have a pair of shoes that long. You could also buy slip-ons. Slip-ons are fast, and no time is put into these shoes. Another option is flip-flops. Flip-flops aren’t for every one, but for some people they are perfect. Another could be buckle. Buckle shoes look great and are and never come untied. There are so many other types of shoes besides tie shoes.


            Stay away from tie shoes; they waste your money, not to mention your time. They also can cause severe injuries. There are so many other options without these problems. DO NOT BUY TIE SHOES!!!