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December 16-

A couple of days ago it snowed in Seattle. It didn't just sprinkle it snowed (see picture below).

I made a snowman with only the snow in our front yard. (see picture below).

When I was working on my homework today my dog, luke did the cutes thing. Heres a picture of him doing it.


November 22-

Today I redid my website. Also I'm caching up on geocaching. I now have three geocaches. There names are Elk on Baron, Water Bottle Fun, and Wallingford Utilities.

Septeber 9-

Today was myh second day at school. It was really fun. I got to see all my friends. I liked today because  I didn't have to do any work.

July 30-

Yesterday I came home from PA. I had a blast. Well anyway I found this way cool new feature at It is an automatic system that updates this icon when ever I found or placed a new cache!!!

Profile for geochiles

July 27-

Today I made my new cache! It's called Elk on Baron. (its in Pa) The background image is above.

June 4-

Today is Fourth OF July. I can't wait to see the fireworks. I'm not sure what my dog will do! See picture below


June 1-

My newest favorite hobby is geocaching.  Geocaching is a "sport" where you try to find hidden caches (boxes with prizes or just a log book).  This website gives you coordinates for a cache.  You type the coordinates into your GPS and it will lead you there.  Once you get to the location you might have to spend some time looking around.  They can be hidden very well!  The first cache I created is "water bottle Fun #1".  It's fun to watch the logs that people write and see how many people go to find my cache!

Soon I'll be going to Pennsylvania to visit my family.  When I go there I get to ride 4 wheelers, swim, catch lightning bugs (see picture below), and teach my cousin's about geocaching!

When it's not summer time, I go to school Hamilton International Middle School.