Google Is The Center OF My Internet World - Alex Chiles

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Written by: Alex Chiles in sixth grade

           Nine out of ten times when I use my computer I find myself interacting with Google’s products including Search, Froogle, Google News, Gmail, Google Earth, and the Google Toolbar.  What do I like about these products?  They make finding different types of information extremely easy.  Google has different search engines that I use to find all the information I need, whether it’s a website, new article or an item for sale.  I also use Google to communicate with my friends, answer simple questions, and find locations. It’s not just I like these products; I also find them extremely useful, making Google the center of my internet world!


            Google’s user interface (human computer interactions) is clear, easy to use and understandable. Search boxes are located at the top and bottom of every page making a constant and reliable interface. Changing search phrases is common for me, so I like knowing where the closest box is going to be. I love Google because when I do a search, the advertisements are clearly marked.  Advertisements are consistently displayed on the right hand side, don’t take up too much room.  I think Google’s simplistic, non-cluttered look makes it easier to use than other search engines.


            In addition to searching websites, Google also has news and product search. Google News makes finding articles extremely easy. Articles from all the popular news websites are gathered together and then made searchable. This puts all the news you could ever want in one place, at Google News.  I use Google News mostly for current events homework and other research.  Similar to Google News, Froogle gathers products for sale into one searchable place, providing “smart shopping”.  I like Froogle because after you type in a product name you can narrow your search by categories. The categories range from price, to seller ratings, to brands. I really think the categories are useful and they help me filter the merchandise correctly to find what I’m looking for.  I use Froogle a lot during the holiday season to make gift lists. Google News and Froogle both return multiple pages of perfect results. I find all of Google’s search engines to be simple, efficient, and to have ultimate speed.


            Sometimes what I’m looking for is the answer to a short question.  Google Search has the perfect features for me. When I want to know what the weather will be like, I simply type “weather Seattle” into the search box. Google answers my question by giving me the forecast in Seattle for the next four days, the current temperature, and the humidity. Another common question I have is “What is someone’s phone number?” Google does a terrific job answering this question. All I have to do is type in “Jen, Brawn, Wa” into Google Search to get her phone number and address. To learn the definition of a word I type, “define: Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia” and Google gives me the meaning of that word. These are three of my favorite short answer questions out of a list of over 20 that Google provides


Not all of Google’s products are directly related to searching.  Some of them are internet tools like Gmail, and others are free downloads, like Google Toolbar and Google Earth.  These are some of my favorite products. Google Toolbar lets you search the internet without first going to Google’s homepage. Other toolbar features that I use a lot are spell check and pop-up blocker.  When I’m looking for a picture of my house, a map of my neighborhood, or a nearby park, I use Google Earth.  I zoom in and out easily always getting clear pictures. The Google product that I use multiple times a day to check my email is Gmail.  I like it because I have over 2,733.812316 megabytes of storage space. This way I will never have to delete another email message!  Since I can have so much email, being able to search my emails makes it a lot easier to find an old message that I’m looking for.


Now you know how important Google is to me when I’m online or using my computer! Whether I’m finding a friend’s phone number or just checking my email, Google covers it all. Google has a product for everything and they’re so easy to use! I’m not sure if I could survive without Google and all of its products, they are just way to useful!