Hello Everyone,
Happy Memorial Day Weekend and the unofficial kick off to Summer! This is my favorite holiday of the year. Wow! What a crazy year so far. I am emailing to give you an update on camps for this summer. Governor Wolf announced on Friday that he plans for our area to be in the yellow phase on June 5. In the yellow phase, summer camps can run with safety guidelines for campers and staff. With 17 counties going to green in PA next Friday, we can only hope we will be in green when camps start at the end of June and in July which allows more things to open up. Some parents reached out and requested I run camp because their kids (and parents 😉) needed some summer activities. In addition, parents were still registering their kids on my website which indicated an interest for camp this summer. I did a lot of research and decided to open up to give the kids some sort of normalcy. 

I have done a lot of reading and research from sources like the CDC, health.pa.govdata-montcopa.opendata.arcgis.com/pages/covid-19, National Federation of State High School Association, and the PIAA. I have also read many Covid-19 related articles about sports and summer camps from the NY Times, Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer and PennLive to name a few. If the professionals are starting to say it is OK to open up camps with safety precautions in place, I feel comfortable doing the same. 

Your camper's safety, along with our staff, is my number one priority to running these camps this summer, along with providing a fun learning experience for the kids. My overall outlook on all of this is I feel bad for the kids with everything cancelling on them. It hit me hard when my senior baseball players could not defend their state championship this spring with our season being cancelled. In addition, what is more upsetting is the memories they lost in their senior season with friends and teammates. Being a health teacher, I wonder how this whole Covid-19 experience will affect their other dimensions of wellness such as mental and social health. This will be a new experience for all of us, and we will try our best to provide a safe, fun environment. 

I fully understand that some people choose to keep their children out of this type of environment during this pandemic, and I can respect that. Others, like myself, believe in and trust the professionals with the recommendations given to provide the kids an opportunity for this summer. With new information coming out everyday and case numbers dropping in our area, I believe people are trusting that it is safe for their kids to attend camp. I also understand that people may have lost their jobs and might not be able to afford camp. I am keeping the pre-June 1 prices for the whole summer and willing to work with families who have been financially affected by the Corona virus.   

The camps status could change based on state's recommendations between June 5 and the start of camp. If interested for your child, please sign them up, but do not pay until we know camp is officially a go and the state or county status has not changed. Here is what we are planning as of now: 
CHILDS PLAY ALL-SPORT CAMP- July 27-31- ages 5-14 Could be moved to just outdoors at a different site depending what Dock Academy decides about summer rentals. 

Session #2- July 6-9 (HARLEYSVILLE)- It is a go unless things change with state or county status.
Session #3- July 13-16 (HARLEYSVILLE)-  It is a go unless things change with state and county status.

ROOKIES BASEBALL/SOFTBALL TRAINING CAMP- July 6-9- Ages 4-5 (beginner)  It is a go unless things change with state and county status.

HS COACHES MIDDLE SCHOOL BASEBALL CAMP- July 6-9- ages 12 (moving to 90 ft. bases in the fall)-15  It is a go unless things change with state and county status, Max 40 campers. If it fills, we will add a 1-4pm session for overflow- Max 40 campers. Due to cancellations of most baseball seasons, this will be 1.5 hours of warm-up/skills/talks, 1.5 hours of scrimmages per day. 

For more information and registration, go to www.childsplaycamps.com

Also, we have a new referral program:
Refer 3 NEW campers, get $50 off your camper.
Refer 5 NEW campers, your camper goes FREE
(Guidelines and details of the referral program can be found on the website)

TELL YOUR FRIENDS and SEE YOU THIS SUMMER! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email or call me. 


I am welcoming veteran and rookie campers to attend this years summer camps. Our goal, since year one, has been to provide camps that teaches kids the skills of different sports in a fun, positive atmosphere. We also encourage good sportsmanship and team play. I look forward to seeing you at one or more of our camps this summer! 

Why Play One Sport, When You Can… PLAY ‘EM ALL!

***NEW*** Camp Referral program:
Refer 3 NEW campers, get $50 off your camper.
Refer 5 NEW campers, your camper goes FREE!

(Referrals can be listed in the registration form. Referrals must register and pay full price for this year's 2020 summer camps. A NEW camper is defined as never attending any Childs Play Camp, Starting 9 Baseball Camp, Rookies Training Camp, and/or HS Coaches Middle School Camp. A NEW camper may only be referred by one returning camper, or another NEW camper, but cannot be in the same household.)