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Whistle Clean Car Wash

whistle clean car wash
    clean car
  • An electric vehicle (EV), also referred to as an electric drive vehicle, uses one or more electric motors for propulsion. Electric vehicles include electric cars, electric trains, electric lorries, electric airplanes, electric boats, electric motorcycles and scooters, and electric spacecraft.
  • A similar sound, esp. one made by a bird, machine, or the wind
  • make whistling sounds; "He lay there, snoring and whistling"
  • move with, or as with, a whistling sound; "The bullets whistled past him"
  • A clear, high-pitched sound made by forcing breath through a small hole between partly closed lips, or between one's teeth
  • An instrument used to produce such a sound, esp. for giving a signal
  • the sound made by something moving rapidly or by steam coming out of a small aperture
  • A medicinal or cleansing solution
  • a thin coat of water-base paint
  • A quantity of clothes needing to be or just having been washed
  • clean with some chemical process
  • the work of cleansing (usually with soap and water)
  • An act of washing something or an instance of being washed
whistle clean car wash - Rescue Howler
Rescue Howler Whistle by Adventure Medical Kits
Rescue Howler Whistle by Adventure Medical Kits
Make your presence known with a blast on your Rescue Howler Whistle from Adventure Medical Kits Originally developed as a component of the Pocket Survival Pak, no one will be able to miss your howl with this extremely loud, yet uber-lightweight whistle Features: Put your lips together and blow, this triple frequency whistle provides you with a pitch that exceeds US Coast Guard and SOLAS specifications Keep it close by on your lanyard with the dual lanyard hole Specifications: Weight: 05 ounces Dimensions: 2 1-8 x 1-4 inches

76% (18)
NUMBER 26: Clermiston to Seton Sands
NUMBER 26: Clermiston to Seton Sands
Saturday April 19th 2008 Get on at Clermiston, 6.44pm. Beside Corstorphine Hill, with an almost summer-light haze but still bare trees. At the red shelter a family speaking Spanish/maybe Mexican come upstairs and surround me, a little girl approaching the adjacent seat but shying away. A fire burnt house, black scorched pebbledash. A poster of a rabbit on someone's pink bedroom wall. Empty garage forecourt traced with foam from washing. Downhill and left. Go past a car showroom and the Mexican boy says "Ferrari!". Charlotte Square is half in shadow, and a group of dolled-up girls, one talking and looking indignant. The shops are closed. The park in St. Andrew's Square is finished but patches remain bare where the grass hasn't seeded. It gets colder. A mirror in a framing shop at the top of Elm Row reflects sky moving fast. A young teenage couple hold on to each other at a bus stop and he looks away, looks bored, chewing gum. Two green cranes next to Easter Road mirror the green metal on the stadium. Whistling through closed teeth. Train tracks heading past cycling tracks. A man sits at a pub table with his head in his hands, the table littered with empty shot glasses. He looks up and looks in the bus window. Suddenly the sea, white peaks. Stop and wait on King's road, music playing from the back. Then a boy with two footballs and a hearing-aid. Coloured wheel spinning in the wind. A fishmonger's with metal shelves wiped clean. Glimpses of the waves. Past the towerblock in Joppa and out into the end of the sunshine, the tide going out. Carefully tended flowerbeds. Two men inspect a trailer parked in a driveway. And over the cold water in Musselburgh, two swans lie asleep on the mud with their necks tucked inside their wings. Left past a derelict fire station tower and a row of creosoted fences. A sign says SCHOOL SAFETY ZONE and the bus jolts, fast. Chimneys still in the distance but speed up through trees on either side. Scrubland, a concrete bunker. Rows of one story terraces, in Prestonpans, pink and green neon. Then the power station. Further on, 100 yards.
Whistle for Our Daily Challenge -- Explore...
Whistle for Our Daily Challenge -- Explore...
This started out to be Windex on one of my front living room windows as it slid down the window pane. My idea was that I would use the saying "clean as a whistle." However, I didn't really like the shot. I took it to Photoshop and it kind of turned into a car wash, depending upon how you looked at it. This is a car that was parked across the street. The little blobs are Windex sliding down...

whistle clean car wash
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