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How To Clean Tub Jets

how to clean tub jets
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how to clean tub jets - RapidBath Deluxe
RapidBath Deluxe Dog Bathing System
RapidBath Deluxe Dog Bathing System
From the makers of the Original HydroSurge Professional Animal Bathing Systems, the HydroSurge Rapid Bath Pet Bathing System provides dogs at home with a 3 minute bath they love. It penetrates even the thickest coat to clean right down to the skin and automatically disperses just the right amount of shampoo. It includes everything you need to attach to standard shower head or outside water source. It easily cleans difficult areas such as paws, under tail, and under side with it's one handed operation, ergonomic design, multiple grip positions and rotating nozzle. There are no buttons to hold down. The On / Off button starts and stops water flow with no electricity required. Switching from bathe to rinse is as easy as a touch of a button. Both fast and slow rinse settings are available in this model and a 360 degree swivel joint allows easy movement around your pet. Includes RapidBath unit, 10' hose, shower diverter, universal adaptor, and bonus shampoo cartridge. Model number 78599-777.

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2009-09-29 22:39:34 -So Lost. #272
2009-09-29 22:39:34 -So Lost. #272
Wow, I started this post going off about how today was the first day back in the office when in actuality that was yesterday. I have been stuck in a drawing since yesterday that will not let me go. Little amounts of designing and lots of waiting, fun! So far the drawing is winning. I just want to make some progress by weeks end. Today was going to be my first official day of commuting to work on the Mutha Fuckin Ruckus, but it was raining so I didn't. I walked to work yesterday so I could finally have the thing at home and the rain stopped me today. Like you read above the day consisted of fighting with my computer, Which Wich (best sandwich place ever) and talking to Aaron when he stopped by. We talked about some stuff we are working on and he headed out. Towards the end of the day I hit him up to go to Rudy's and he already had plans for that, so it was on! I don't remember if I have written about Rudy's yet. I know I have tweeted often, but not sure on the writing. Rudy's is a BBQ place here or in Texas that is teamed up with a gas station. You can fill your car and your belly in one stop. The food is off the hook. How can you argue with the "Worst BBQ in Texas!" slogan. If you come out I will take you there, it hits. Aaron loves the place and so do Chris and I. The above photo is of the best one in my opinion. This one features both regular and crushed ice choices and the Soda Machine and the best thing is the hand washer. Start the dinner with it and end the dinner with it. Your hands will never feel more refreshed. It is 2 cylinders that you stick your hands in and the rotate with hot water jets to clean your hands. Imagine miniature hot tubs for your hands. If they made these for your body I would never leave one. After dinner with Aaron and Kinsey I headed home to watch some movies and chill. Still not internet or TV since I was cancelled on, on Monday since they were not sure if they serviced my place. Found out today that they do and after more spending they squeezed me in tomorrow for a surprise install between 8am and 11pm. Should be fun. bdubblevision was here.
...Jet Stream Sunset....
...Jet Stream Sunset....
When I took this sunset I noticed a beautiful orange jet stream streaking across the sky....kinda hard to see with all the trees in front of it but it was gorgeous. British Columbia Canada

how to clean tub jets
how to clean tub jets
Glisten Dishwasher Cleaner 4oz
From the makers of Plink, regular use of Glisten is recommended for a cleaner dishwasher. It works hard to remove built-up soap scum, food stains and discoloration from iron and other water impurities. Simply pour the package contents into the soap well of an empty dishwasher, sprinkling the excess into the bottom of the dishwasher. Then run a light or regular wash cycle (run with no dishes) for cleaning. For heavily stained dishwashers, a second application may be necessary. In some hard water areas surfaces may need to be wiped with clean wet cloth right after using Glisten. 4-ounces.

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